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Victory Through Vaastu – Kaleshwara Vaastu,
by Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami

A book about the science of placement & harmonising the environment you live & work in to promote health, wealth & abundance.

Ayurvedic element: Air
An Environmental Wellness remedy

We call Vaastu ‘Feng shui’ on steroids!!          

Fortune is a VERY attention-grabbing word.
To many Fortune means Lady luck, Affluence or possibly even sooth-saying. To others fortune basically means- Success. Being successful can even mean accomplishment.

However, We favour the above mentioned ‘Success’, for you see success is attainable in multiple ways.

Success can certainly signify either Personal, Social, Populace OR even Divine accomplishment. And, of course, for all of us human beings, being successful means far more if it’s achieved by way of right design & timing and effort. And thus step-in Ayurveda’s ‘Vasthu shastra’.

For over 6000 years the teachings of Ancient Ayurveda’s ‘Vasthu shastra'(Means the science of placement) have taught that when you plan your own abode according to these invisible protocols of nature Health, Influence & Abundance can await those living in such an excellent dwelling after all the 5 elements of VAASTHU are addressed simultaneously as discussed throughout this volume.

However, the underlying hassle when making sense of such age-old principles would be that for over 6000 years of either oral & written Vedic tradition (The actual Vedas – Historical Indian parchments) has led to wrong understanding, errors of interpretation or implementation and even downright superstition seems to have crept straight into the ways of the average Vasthu practitioner.

Fortune-ately (here’s that word again) a modern day Indian Saint named Sai Shri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) specifically re-interpreted the ancient Palm-leaf scrolls (Mostly written in Telugu, Kaleshwar’s mother tongue) of cloistered Vedic lore to help us De-mystify all of these ancient books, as well as offer a cohesive textbook very easily absorbed by us Modern day Western-logical-type intellects, a volume known as ‘Victory through Vaastu’.
This text, beloved reader, is definitely an outright generous gift to all human beings!

Kaleshwar has long been cited as saying:

“Getting a person’s Vasthu correct will defeat eighty percent of ones Karma.”

He moves on even further to express:

“Many people are going through unwarranted dilemmas in their life. They’ve got good spirits. They only wish to experience their lives quite quietly, however some challenges are growing, growing, coming – many head aches and worries. They do not understand what they actually do incorrect. They believe like they’re truly being punished. They are trying their utmost, nonetheless harmful strokes continue to come. They have got 100% pure hearts and also dedication. How come they may be failing? Could it be possible?
If they correct it their particular personal life will come right up very beautifully, thriving as a gorgeous bloom.” – from ‘Victory Through Vaastu’ “

To us at Health and Eternity this Vaastu volume is not only a breath-0f-fresh air, it is a work of prodigious spiritual genius!

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