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Objectifying Your Wellness with Thermography: The CRT 2000®

No radiation. Non-invasive. Comprehensive. Pain free.

Early detection saves lives.

A CRT 2000® (Contact Regulation Thermography) is a non-invasive highly accurate comprehensive diagnostic scan of all vital organs of the body. It is sensitive enough to detect disease up to 7 years prior to having any symptoms appear.

Since 1999 and later with the ‘quantum leap‘ CRT 2000® version II upgrade in 2011, we have Objectified our work with this CRITICAL Tool.

The CRT 2000® is our pre-eminent tool to gauge the status of each organ in the body to UNPRECEDENTED sensitivity yielding MASSIVE PREVENTATIVE information:

Whether Normal, Inflamed or Degenerative.

CRT 2000® examinations also include Breast Screening Thermography, providing a pain free alternative to conventional mammograms.

Our Thermography Consultations are available week days and require a special morning only appointment booking.
To book a Thermography appointment please call our Clinic on +61 1300 742 583 B/H

In truth, PREVENTION IS THE KEY to ageing gracefully.

We are a trained and registered CRT 2000® technician with Eidam.
See Glen F Rees BSc., N.D. listed on the Eidam website here:

CRT 2000 Breast Thermography in 'Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry' by Elaine HollingsworthWe are also listed as a CRT 2000® practitioner in the book ‘Take Control of Your Health & Escape the Sickness Industry’ by Elaine Hollingsworth under ‘Thermography Breast Diagnoses’ with our former address & title (Warragul Natural Health). Hollingsworth discusses the CRT 2000®’s measurement accuracy above conventional Mammography in the chapter on ‘Breast Health’. This, in addition to other vital data gathered by the CRT 2000®’s superior technology is discussed.

Dear Visitor,
Yes, we have been working with Thermography since 1999 and later with the far more sensitive version II since 2011. It is a wonderful objective & repeatable technology.
Way back then I was looking for some objectivity in my practice and found it.
You see Doctors belittle our work because, by and large, Natural Therapists cannot objectify their work. We don’t do x-rays, blood tests, Cat scans, etc. So they DO have a point!
he CRT 2000® (along with Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy) is my answer to this glaring hole in our work.
Glen F Rees BSc,. N.D.

This video is an introduction to Thermography explaining the CRT 2000®

What is the CRT 2000®?

The CRT 2000® measures how the body responds to stress and compares these measurements to a vast historical library of thermal characteristics and markers, which are used to identify patterns of disease processes, even at an early stage.
The CRT 2000® Thermographic System is certified as a CE and US FDA Class 1 510(k) medical device, and is the only commercialized computerized regulation thermography device in the world. It is supported by studies and citations in numerous medical journals and is used by healthcare providers worldwide.

What is Regulation Thermography?

Regulation Thermography is a method of quantifying the thermal response of internal organs to cooling stimuli. When there are disease processes in a human body, the body’s organs respond differently to stress. A physiological response called the visceral cutaneous reflex allows us to measure these differences in the skin, using a very accurate thermal sensor.

The Measurement Process

The 30 minute procedure begins with 119 measurements of predefined points on the head and torso. After the end of the first measurement, the patient disrobes and waits in room temperature for 10 minutes*. This cooling stimulus applies stress to the patient’s organs, after which a second reading of the same points is taken.

*You will be asked to partially disrobe your torso allowing a mild skin cooling during this room-temperature cooling a thermal stimulus (you will feel cool but NOT cold) to act upon your body, for 10 mins. This cooling provides a Before & After thermal stressing effect similar as to when your Doctor might put you on a treadmill to attain a ‘before & after’ stress-test giving him/her valuable data on your heart for example.

What can a CRT reading reveal?

The CRT 2000® is an adjunctive diagnostic device that has the following indications for use:

  • Abnormalities of the female breast
  • Peripheral vascular diseases
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Abnormalities of the thyroid gland
  • Various neoplastic & inflammatory conditions
  • A 4 to 7 year window before symptoms manifest
  • Results discussed on the spot after data is sent to a 3 million strong database

Why should you have a CRT 2000® Thermogram taken?

Thermography measures thermal regulation of disease processes before symptoms begin. Help maintain your health with regular check-ups and by working with a healthcare practitioner who uses the CRT 2000® as an integral part of their practice.

The main points of interest with the CRT 2000®:

  • Sensitive enough to pick up disease BEFORE symptoms appear from 2 -7 years in advance.
  • CRT 2000® Output is totally independent of the operator-therapist. Therefore each scan has NO therapist slant in its measurements collected at-all therefore objectivity is preserved.
  • Your CRT 2000® data is fed anonymously via the internet & compared to a now 2 million strong database to yield a printout to be discussed in house on-the-spot.
  • CRT 2000® technology is now over 25 years old with version II (with which we now practice) A true quantum leap over version 1.
  • No radiation, no side effects, no risk.
  • Drawbacks! None really except: Your time & money.

Preparing for a Scan:

As this is a medical scan there are preparatory Do’s & Dont’s to achieve a dependable scan result.

Each Scan can ONLY be taken in the morning. Therefore call me for more details should you wish to proceed.

To book a Thermography appointment please call our Clinic on +61 1300 742 583 B/H

Besides the CRT 2000® Thermography System we may complement your scan with more diagnostic methods to help further check the status of your health. See our Objectification methods here >