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At Health and Eternity we’ve come to learn of the 4 Pillars of Wellness through our 30 years of Naturopathic experience and research into the Human Condition, the 5 Elements and the great legacy of the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of medicine from India.

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noun: Ayurveda

the powerful and sophisticated 6,000 year old traditional Hindu system of medicine which is based on the balance of 5 foundational elements within bodily systems, using diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.

Origin: from Sanskrit āyus ‘life’ + veda ‘(sacred) knowledge’

(or ‘Science of Life’)

The 5 Elements of Ayurveda (Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Space) are the Foundations of all Life as we know it & contribute to the sound grounding of each element above it.

These profound yet simple truths demonstrate the deep importance of each of the Elements as the building blocks of YOU and your Wellness.

The integrity of each
Ayurvedic Element in YOU
grants the integrity of your Wellness

(or your Health & Well-being).



Identify & explore the workings of the Elements in your own life – beginning with the Earth Element – then combine the 4 Pillars of Wellness to ‘Perfect You’

Understanding the Elements of Ayurveda
& how they effect your Wellness:

Click on each of the 5 elements below

1. Earth Element Cellular Wellness

It supports and is supported through Gratitude & Appreciation

It is healed through Cellular Detox & improved Cellular Integrity

• Malignancy/Cancer
• Ancestral DNA
• Inflammation
• Infection
• Lymphatic drainage
• Muscle/Skeletal mass
• Weight
• Scar tissue
• Excess Free Electrons

The Earth Element or 1st Pillar of Wellness – Cellular Wellness

Cellular detox & the positive emotion of Gratefulness facilitates this Earth Wellness.

According to Ayurveda NOTHING can gain stability in this life until your earth element resonances are sound (Moreover if ANY element is lost then the Universe ceases to exist as well).

Further, Ayurveda tells us that indeed there are actually 5 elements, with the 5th element being Space or Aether. HOWEVER, in all practical sense, Space is everywhere therefore is implicit in all the 4 elements or Pillars anyway.

Almost immediately we can ground/earth ourselves when we focus or contemplate on the positive emotions of gratitude & thankfulness.

Indeed true peace & joy emanates from the Earth itself which is often why walking in Nature tends to release negativity & helps replace it with Peace AND IF WE REALLY LOOK INTENTLY with an open heart, at the Majesty of Nature, true Joy can begin to emerge also.

THEREFORE probably THE MOST powerful things to do to help initiate true healing is to walk through Nature from the standpoint of a mood of Gratitude & appreciation!!

Failing this: A barefoot walk in moist grass OR walk Ankle/knee deep in the shallows of Fresh running water OR Salt water.

Side note: Those who are attracted to the sea tend to be those carrying much negativity. The source of the negativity may not necessarily be of their own making. It might stem from multiple sources, eg. being over worked & under paid, ancestral influences, oppressive circumstances, physical pain, an unhappy home life or conditioning that engenders negative or false beliefs, even genetic patterns. Whether you know it or not, the Sea acts like a massive sponge, helping you cleanse yourself of subconscious negativity.

What destroys Gratitude?  In a word: REJECTION.

Once registered, esp as a child, this emotion not only destroys Gratitude it also engenders Anger, Resentment, Guilt AND Self worth issues. UNFORTUNATELY left unresolved this negative emotion, in the susceptible person, can very often lead to the overgrowth of cells. Commonly Cancer cells OR Fat cells thus tending to cause stubborn Obesity OR Cancer or BOTH. See how both Cancer &/or Obesity are related.

2. Air Element Environmental Wellness

It supports and is supported through positive Motivation

It is healed by correcting the environment cells are formed in.

• Autoimmune
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Some Learning Disorders
• Epigenetic DNA
• Mental Safety/Stability
• Home design(Vaastu)
• Quality of Sleep
• Clothing
• Subtle Earth Fields

The Air Element or 2nd Pillar of Wellness – Environmental Wellness

A strong Air element & the positive emotion of Motivation heals Anxiety, Stress, Autoimmune.