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Rife Plasma Therapy

Rife Plasma Therapy is an alternative medicine therapy with profound healing benefits. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife invented the Rife Machine Therapy in the 1930’s. Dr. Rife not only discovered stunning ways to kill off Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus’ & Parasites he may have also found ways to resonate more complex structures such as organs too (although, so momentous was the epochal work that he never really had the time to pursue same). Once resonated said organ becomes enriched with new blood allowing potent detoxification AND targeted organ healing simultaneously.

Effectively, we can ‘tune’ a given organ or organ system.

Through our own Naturopathic research over 32+ yrs we now have a more thorough understanding to helping restore underlying organ function.

Please read on to understand the principles of this amazing and powerful therapy.

A patient having a Rife Plasma Therapy Treatment at the Health and Eternity Clinic

A patient receiving a Rife Plasma Therapy Treatment at the Health and Eternity Clinic

Today, this video serves as an excellent introduction to the principles AND possibilities of this powerful therapy.

In the video please find discussion on recent Microbial researchers, presented in 2011, who have re-discovered the principles Royal Raymond Rife put into effect over 80 yrs ago.

What are the Rife Plasma Therapy Treatment Capabilities?

• Chronic Diseases of all kinds

• Organs & Organ Systems

• Anti-Ageing

Stubborn Weight

• Autoimmune Diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Type I Diabetes, Lupus, Gout & Alopecia, etc)

• Genetic & Epigenetic Diseases/Disorders

• Infections (Viral, Bacterial & Fungal)

• Mental Illness

• Parasites

• Cellular Detox (Heavy Metals, etc)

• Neurological Disorders

• Learning Disorders

• Musculoskeletal

• Embryological Disorders

• Shock & Trauma

• Emotional Trauma &/or Scarring

• Subtle Anatomy

• AND a lot lot more!

….Also promotes Rejuvenation & Regeneration (via Natural Human-Growth-Hormone output)!

Objectifying Rife Plasma Therapy Treatments

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As of 2018 we can now objectify Rife Plasma Therapy treatments with Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy (BIS) analysis and by measuring what is called the Phase Angle of your cells.

Learn more here >

Who was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife anyway?

Dr. Royal Raymond RifeDr. Royal Raymond Rife was a true polymath who lived from 1888-1971 in southern California. Polymaths are known as Super Geniuses. Whatever they attempt turns to gold (as it were).
After building (from scratch) a 2700 hp freshwater speedboat engine whose boat held the freshwater speed record for over 60 yrs  (for his soon-to-be-long-term-benefactor) in his 20’s, he secured a lifelong monthly stipend (from benefactor tycoon Henry Timkin of ‘Timkins Ball Bearings’ fame) after saving Timkin’s million dollar business from major quality control issues & ruin(another amazing story :-)). Rife then began to explore his real passion in Medical microscopy. He built 5 super-scopes incorporating new optic principles AND in 1933 he proved 411 times in lab rats that cancer was caused by viruses.

In May 1934 he was surrounded by a crack-medical team replete with top Pathologists, Eminent Specialists, Microscopists & as few close MDs under the auspices of the University of Southern California, who confirmed his work by successfully treating 16 near death Cancer sufferers in 14 weeks and then went on to cure over 60 different microbial diseases from herpes viruses to cancer viruses, tuberculosis bacteria to dysentery to shingles to fungal illnesses to cholera, etc, corroborated by other labs at the time.

All this information exposed in the 1987 epochal book ‘The cancer cure that worked’ by investigative journalist Barry Lynes.

‘…he proved 411 times in lab rats that cancer was caused by viruses.’

‘…successfully treating 16 near death Cancer sufferers in 14 weeks’

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife
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