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Radiation 1

I have created this page in hopes that it will serve as a helpful guide to understanding a little more about how to further protect and heal your body from the ill-effects of radiations we humans are exposed to more and more these days.

Man-made Radiation

Unfortunately the levels of Radiation that modern humans are exposed to today is increasing exponentially with the increase in technologies that emit harmful radiation into our house-hold and work place environments causing ill-effects to health & well-being.

Man-made Radiation Sources:

• Mobile phones/towers
• Wifi internet
• Smart Meters
• Televisions & Television signals
• Satellites
• Microwaves
• Radio, Radar
• Airport scanners
• Fluorescent lighting
• Baby monitors
• Computer screens & monitors
• Laptops
• Bluetooth devices
• Some Medical Treatments (CAT Scans, MRI, X-Rays, Radio Therapy, etc)

Vitamins A & D

To cope with radiation the body burns up Vitamin A & D, especially Vitamin A. Obviously the greater the radiation the greater the bodily need. The levels of daily exposure to man-made radiation sources means diet alone is often not enough to meet the bodily need and should be supplemented. We highly recommend our Norse Cod Liver Oil capsules for its potency AND its bio-availability to really boost the body of Vitamin A. It is an Ayurvedic ‘Water Element'(Spiritual Wellness) remedy and is particularly important for the body to help reduce ill-effects of most radiations. We commonly recommend individuals take a very high quality Cod Liver Oil any how as a daily supplement as it is vital to every ones health & well-being.

Radiation & Autism Spectrum Disorder

Those within the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Bipolar, Schizoid & some Learning disorders) already begin with a greater need for Vitamins A & D. They are more likely to be sensitive to radiation because of this. Radiation aggravates this condition further.

One of the common physical symptoms of radiation sensitivity due to Autism Spectrum Disorder are small white growths that appear on the surface of the eye called pterygiums.

We can not recommend Norse Cod Liver Oil capsules more highly to these folk for its potency and bio-availability plus overall strengthening of the bodily system. It should be kept as a daily supplement.

For more on this topic please see our E-book of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Radiation & Candida(Yeast)

Candida(yeast) overgrowth commonly occurs within the body with excess carbs & sugars in the diet. BUT, Candida growth is also stimulated in the body when exposed to man-made radiations. With our modern day radiation filled environments we are now far more prone to the ill-effects of Candida over growth, eg. Rashes, Thrush, Poor gut bacteria, etc.

Note: Candida Albicans in the body is largely responsible for sugar & carb cravings so, with radiation acting as stimuli, these cravings can become more challenging.

Also see our Tridosha (Oxygenation) Oil to ease Thrush.

Candida(Yeast), the Blood-Brain Barrier & Mental Illness

Some Candida (inc. Candida Albicans) are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier. Once in the brain Candida can potentially reap havoc and is commonly experienced as increased EMF sensitivity as radiated environments cause excitation of candida. Symptoms include increased anxiety, head ache, dizziness, nausea, panic attack, & stress in radiated (eg. wifi, mobile phone, etc) environments. It can also mildly or severely aggravate addictive behaviours, upset or diminish mental faculties, trigger mental health issues or aggravate existing mental illness.

There are 4 types of Candida we’ve identified that are very strongly tied up with the expression of Karma especially when they are involved with crossing the blood-brain barrier. We regard these types of Candida as parasitic. We highly recommend Rife Plasma Therapy to kill off all Candida including the spores which are otherwise very difficult to rid from the body regardless of diet.

Also see Karma easing Frankincense & Myrrh Incense.

Natural Radiation

Man-made radiations are added to a list of naturally occurring radiations in our environment that can also cause ill-effects to our health & well-being.

There are a number of Natural forms of Radiation. Some more problematic for humans than others:

• Radon Gas – a naturally occurring and dangerous form of Nuclear Radiation (see our Anti-Radon Aromatherapy drops)
• Solar – UV radiation
• Lunar ( see Personal Space Tuning Pendant)
• Geopathic Stress – Earth radiation (see Mental stability 1- Rainbow Dream catcher: Household Psychic attack resolution and Geopathic Stress Resolution)
( also see Personal Space Tuning Pendant)
• Cosmic Radiation ( see Personal Space Tuning Pendant)

To this list we also include

  • Psychic &/or ill will ‘radiations’
  • Adverse Astrological ‘radiations’

Lunar Radiation:

Ill-effects of Lunar radiations tend to be worse felt from the week preceding the Full moon through to a few days after the Full moon.

Inauspicious Lunar Period:

First Quarter (approx 50%)  through Waxing Gibbous  to Full Moon (100%)  to Waning Gibbous (approx 90%).

Lesser Inauspicious Lunar Periods:

New Moon (0%) to First Quarter (approx 50%).
Waning Gibbous (approx 90%) to Third Quarter (50%).

The above inauspicious periods make up approximately 3 weeks per month.

Auspicious Lunar Period:

Third Quarter (50%) to New Moon (0%).

The Ayurvedic Perspective:

Radiation 2

Ayurveda is an ancient (6000 year old) medicine of India which is based on the balance of 5 foundational elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Space) within bodily systems, using diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. The integrity of each Ayurvedic Element in YOU grants the integrity of your Wellness (or your Health & Well-being).

In terms of Ayurveda, Radiations can disturb 2 of the 5 Ayurvedic elements being Air & Water.

Ayurvedic Air  element

Radiation 3

The Air element governs Environmental Wellness. It effects one mentally and motivationally in life.

Balance of the Air element is found through correction of the environment that cells are formed in.

Radio (‘Air waves’), Wifi & Wireless internet are among those radiations that commonly disturb the Air element.

An out of balance Air element (or sick environment) is often behind Autoimmune diseases, some Cancers, some Learning disorders, Epigenetic disorders, Mental instability, Anxiety and Depression.

Note: From a mystical perspective, the more subtle ethereal aspects of ‘The Nature’ are involved here. They include the Angelic realms, the Devic Kingdom (nature spirits, faeries, sprites, archangels, some dieties, etc) and crystal energies. It’s no accident these have been traditionally referenced in relation to the health of the environment, psychic influences, mental states & thought forms which are all properties of the Air element. Radiation ill-effects can be strongly considered here in regard to the consciousness of humanity & its well-being. Ultimately, environmental harmony is the objective for peace in all the above.

Ayurvedic Water  element

Radiation can effect Spiritual Wellness also depending on the type of radiation.

Spiritual Wellness in Ayurvedic terms is governed by the ‘Water Element’. It affects ones inspiration, creativity, emotional state & introspective capacity in life.

Microwave radiations are the most prevalent man-made ‘Water element’ disturbing cause through mobile phones, mobile towers & microwaved foods, etc.

Lunar radiations tend to impact & disturb the Water element also for as much as 3 weeks per month at varying degrees peaking at the full moon.

A disturbed Water element can upset or trigger hydration issues, kidney & bladder complaints, shock & trauma, skin & hair health issues, cerebrospinal fluid disturbances, subtle anatomy disturbances (etheric, chakras, astral &/or causal bodies), karmic influences, parasitic influences (both physical & energetic), meditation difficulty, aggravation of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Bipolar, Schizoid & some Learning disorders), Mental illness, Addiction related issues, unstable emotional states, sleep disorders & unusual or disturbing dreams, etc.

Avoiding these radiations where possible, but also nullifying their ill-effects is important to keep one Spiritually stable whilst maintaining Water element integrity.

You may wish to read our 5 elements 4 Pillars page for a more expanded understanding of both the Air & Water elements effect on wellness.

Remedies & Tools for Radiation Mitigation

Health and Eternity have developed several tools & remedies to help resolve & mitigate the ill-effects of most Man-made & Natural radiations outlined above.

As a helpful guide we’ve listed the following product links below, briefly describing their useful applications.