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Mental stability-Rainbow Dream catcher: Household Psychic attack protection and Geopathic Stress Resolution

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A specially honed 3 dimensional embroidered geometry for psychic attack protection, mental instability resolution, insecurity & safety issues which often stem from an Environment of Geopathic Stress radiations, oppressive psychic influences or old bad memories.

Protects against & Clears ill-effects of:
 Geopathic Stress
 Personal psychic attack

 Financial psychic attack
 Property psychic attack (curses)
 Spells & Hexes

Protects against ill-effects of:
Old harsh memories
(it does not resolve old memories just protects against their ill-effects)

Ayurvedic element: Air
An Environmental Wellness remedy

Naturopathic preparation. Ayurvedic. Made in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
Radiation protection & safety

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‘Good dreams knowing their way pass through the dream catcher whilst bad dreams not knowing their way are caught and destroyed at first light of the morning sun in the east.’

This 3D Embroidered Household Rainbow dream catcher protects all inhabitants of your home (even those in transit) from 4 forms of Psychic attack being Personal, Financial, Property (curses), Spells & Hexes. Further, after 3 days, it will clear all forms of household Geopathic Stress.

Based on the Ancient Native North American Spiritual Tool, the The Rainbow DDC is an All-in-One Mental Safety AND Geopathic Stress solution for all house-hold occupants. Spiritually inspired by an ancient Vedic weapon of Truth, it is specifically designed to bring harmony to your environment & is a wellness aid found to be capable of energetically resolving the ill-effects of Geopathic stress as-well-as being an effective psychic attack protection tool.

Types of Psychic Attack:

We identify 4 forms of psychic attack which are mental thought forms of ill-will created from or through either the subconscious or conscious mind motivations of a person or group. Psychic attack can have genuine detrimental effects upon susceptible individuals or groups.

We have specifically developed this Divine Rainbow Dream Catcher to achieve mental harmony within environments by working at deflecting ill-will & the following 4 identified forms of psychic attack:

  1. Personal psychic attack – works thru your own insecurities.
  2. Business/Financial psychic attack – works through how others perceive you thus can ‘dry-up’ your business over time.
  3. Property psychic attack – more commonly known as a curse.
  4. Dark Arts – commonly known as voodoo, a hex or spell.

It also confers a mild positive karma boost (good luck) to ALL house-hold occupants.

Geopathic Stress:

Geopathic stress issues develop from faults in the earths surface below your home, Underground streams or Ore bodies below your home OR even Earth magnetic field anomalies within your home.
German magnetic field researchers have long discovered that the Earths magnetic field actually contains a series of ‘grids’ as it were. These grids have become known as the Curry Grid, The Hartman Grid, The 400 meter grid, etc, etc.

The Subconscious Mind:

We have developed the Rainbow DDC understanding the power that the subconscious mind(cerebrum) has over our well-being. Once placed successfully your DDC tunes your subconscious, whilst in your home, to the gentle, but powerful healing effect of the earths ‘Song lines’ that the ancient Aboriginal ‘Dreaming’ tradition has brought to light, otherwise known as the ‘Dreaming Track’. Song lines, in human terms, are a network equivalent to capillaries & blood vessels that distribute electro-magnetic energy over the land. The Rainbow DDC provides the correct environmental ‘path way’ or means for the subconscious to achieve harmonic resonance and connection with the Song lines with nil conscious mental effort required regardless of your intent.

Its design and materials are based on multiple variables specially selected and thoroughly tested for the greatest long term remedying effect. They include the geometry design, size, fully resonant stitch density, stitch tension & colouration on a specific base fabric. Which is why it took 5 months to develop and perfect.


“Within a few days of having the dream catcher placed in my home I found I was sleeping far deeper without waking up in the middle of the night like I usually do. I’ve also been dreaming of things from the past like my mind is sorting through old things to be processed in a better light.” – K.B. Darwin, Australia

“The Rainbow Dream catcher seems to have helped me focus on things that bring more abundance because I’m directed away from illusions or false influences that deplete me since I placed it. It’s as if the Rainbow dream catcher provides me with a ‘truth map’ that works away subtly in the background. I can feel its effect almost immediately now as I enter my home. I am grateful!” – Jane, Drouin, Australia

Additional information

Weight 50. g
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 3.0 cm


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