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Man-made Radiation Mitigation Pack (for 4 devices)


Medallion & wafer application for the harmonisation & mitigation of man-made radiation sources.

Pack contains:
x2 Sacred Resin Medallions (5x5cm)
for application to:
Smart Meters  Computer Screens  Televisions
 Wireless Routers  Wireless devices
Cordless Phones  Baby Monitors  Tablets

x2 Sacred Wafers (3.5×3.5cm)
for application to:
Cordless Phones  Baby Monitors  Mobile Phones  Tablets

Ayurvedic element: Air
An Environmental Wellness remedy

 2 medallions. 2 wafers

Naturopathic preparation. Ayurvedic. Made in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
Radiation protection & safety

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Developed by Health and Eternity, the Sacred Medallion & Wafer design is based on sacred geometry of ancient Ayurvedic yantras seen in the works of the modern seer, Sri Kaleshwara.

It has been therapeutically tested via kinesiology & energetically found to be a 98% effective protection & harmonisation tool against low level man-made radiations commonly found in home & work place environments.

Reduces head ache & other central nervous system sensitivities when placed as follows(see below) because it constructively nullifies the man-made field generated by devices.

Directions for Placement:

As each device is different, positioning may need adjustment to gain the most benefit & reduce ill-effects of man-made radiations.

SAFETY FIRST: Please take reasonable care in placement of both medallions and wafers to protect the value of your devices warranty and prevent any device malfunction. Ensure the device is switched off at the power source before placement of the Medallion &/or Wafer to the device. Never cover air vents on devices or cause obstruction to the internal and external workings of a device.

Sacred Resin Medallion Placement [ 5 x 5 cm / 2 x 2 inches ]

Peel off the adhesive cover strip on the back of each Medallion to adhere.

  • Smart Meters: Place above the outside of the Smart meter box.
  • Wifi/Wireless Internet Router: Place centrally over each antenna. Commonly devices have more than one antenna.
  • Cordless Phones/Baby monitors: Place on or next to antenna on back top of hand piece or receiver.
  • Laptops: Place centrally over the battery underneath the unit.
  • Computer Screens: Place next to(preferably above) the power on/off button.
  • TV Screens: Place next to (preferably above) aerial inlet, usually positioned at the back of TV.

Sacred Wafer Placement [ 3.5 x 3.5 cm / 1.4 x 1.4 inches ]

  • Mobile Phone/Tablet Harmonizing: You may choose to leave the adhesive cover strip on the back of the wafer on or off. Position the wafer face up directly over the mobile phone/tablet battery, preferably within the cover so the wafer is sandwiched between the cover and the battery. If the wafer is likely to slide around inside the cover you are best to peel back the adhesive cover strip on the back of the wafer and fix to the battery. Alternatively fix the wafer, face up on the back of device.

This Wafer may also be utilised on all devices in the same way as the Medallion, though is a less effective alternative.

Directions included within pack.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 23 × 1 × 15 cm


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