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Frankincense and Myrrh Incense: Anti Karma

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For effective mitigation of the ill-effects of negative karma.

Cleanses the subtle bodies
Aids spiritual growth

x20 Exclusively selected Frankincense & Myrrh Incense Sticks

Ayurvedic element: Water
A Spiritual Wellness remedy

Naturopathic preparation. Ayurvedic. Hand rolled in India.

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Why use OUR Frankincense & Myrrh?

Incense has been used now for 1000’s of years for all manner of applications eg: Worship, Commemoration, Gratitude, etc.
IT IS NO Accident Frankincense & Myrrh was offered to Jesus Christ at his birth, for part of his incarnation was to relieve Humanity of some/all of their Karma. We fully appreciate & honour his incarnation as well as the message Frank & Myrrh as incense, to help relieve much of your very own Karma as well. Hand picked for very high quality after scouring scores of suppliers. Enjoy!

Caution: If you present with any significant health complaints or are experiencing any difficult situations listed below ALWAYS consult your health practitioner/services. This remedy should not be regarded as a cure all. We suggest it be used as an adjunct aid to healing ONLY.

Bless yourself:

Negative Karma is a ‘Teacher’ which should propagate self introspection and NOT hostility or blame. Do not judge yourself and others as the complexities surrounding karma are great.

Nature might deem ‘You-have-inner-work-to-do’:

Healing takes place in both the physical body AND subtle bodies (encompassing the Etheric body, Astral body, Causal body, etc). Karma is stored in the subtle anatomy and held there in memory of imbalance, then recalled or played out as natures way of finding balance. As emotion is released through healing practices & processes, so too can unresolved negative Karma surface for clearing as the subtle bodies balance. Karma, like emotion, is also a property of the Ayurvedic ‘Water Element’ which governs Spiritual Wellness.

The reward of balance can be a Spiritual one through introspection, meditation and honest personal reflection. For those with Negative Personal Karma, depending on the circumstances surrounding it, balance may be found through accepting responsibility, true acts of unconditional love, compassion, kindness & forgiveness. For those with Negative Ancestral Karma (see ‘The 4 Karma’s’ below) it is a process of balancing wrongs that have become genetically expressed through family lines. Karma may be regarded as a debt of service to find universal equilibrium.

Symptoms of Karma:

The simplest way to identify symptoms of negative karma is if you experience recurring bad luck. As Negative Karma (bad luck) plays out in an individuals life, the sense and perception of truth is often veiled. The world & other people may not support you the way you might expect. Karma commonly creates a lack of awareness as if being in a thick fog. We at Health & Eternity refer to this as ‘The Fog of Karma’. You may be aware there is something not quite right where normal efforts do not lead you out of precarious situations. Negative Karma may seem to manifest as a saboteur.  Negative Karma acts like an external magnetic field over your inner compass potentially pointing you in directions away from your joy & peace. The consequences can be traumatic.

Physically, Negative Karma can be expressed in a multitude of ways often depending on the Karma, but commonly experienced in form of pain such as head ache, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, abdominal pain, etc. These pains may come and go and seem as mysterious as the cause. It may also be expressed as chronic stress, chronic muscle tension, nervous tension, nausea, anxiety, depression, a general sense of unease &/or mental/emotional confusion. These may be deemed by yourself or others as mental states you should ‘snap-out-of’.

Other symptoms include chronic feelings of guilt, feeling bad about yourself & feeling apologetic for things you may not have done, but somehow you subconsciously take a burden of responsibility. You might even observe yourself saying ‘Sorry’ to others often.

Bullying & abusive relationships is often a sign of Negative Karma especially for those who experience repeated bullying or abuse. Negative Karma can also manifest as debilitating addictions. Learning disabilities may also feature as does Autism.

PLEASE NOTE: The cause of conditions listed here may not be of karmic origin.
Always seek medical advice & treatment regarding your condition/s.

If there are subtle/energetic influences involved please understand that unnecessary suffering is not commonly a result of Negative Karma alone, but may be caused by other factors such as the following:

  • Destructive ancestral genetic patterns not of karmic origin.
  • External environmental influence of psychic attack phenomenons that destabilize one mentally, emotionally & physically.
  • Environmental radiation exposure from Man-made &/or Natural radiation sources.

Please Contact us for help regarding the above. Also Please see Man-made Radiation mitigation packAnti-Radon Aromatherapy , the Space Tuning Pendant & the Rainbow Divine Dream Catcher for Mental Safety & radiation issues.

The 4 Karma’s:

There are at least 4 main types of Karma (Negative or Positive).
(For obvious reasons though we will focus on Negative Karma here)

  1. Personal Karma – created out of personal mis-deeds.
  2. Ancestral Karma – This is DNA Karma inherited and carried through family lines. Negative Karma can be brought through ancestors who perpetrated poverty, abuse or slavery, etc.
  3. Astral Karma – The Karma of  ‘Desire’ which acts to lure. ‘Charisma’ ab-used out of desire may be regarded as Astral Karma.
  4. Causal Karma – The Karma of  ‘Ideas’. Negative Karma may be linked to those whose actions in past lives have affected the multitude. eg: As a Captain, you erroneously/falsely drove your crew to a watery grave, etc.

Note: We are aware of a further 3 types of Karma. These are rare and are partly resolved here with our Frankincense & Myrrh incense. We specifically treat these rare forms in individuals with Rife Plasma Therapy locally or ‘Remotely‘.  Also, there are some types of DNA that cause one to attract Negative Karma to the individual through no fault of their own or their ancestors and this too is treatable with Rife Plasma Therapy.
Some individuals choose to take on (consciously or subconsciously) the Karma of others to help unburden another usually out of love & care. Some do this for the love of humanity.
Another important method of Karma clearing involves harmonisation of the environment one lives in. See Kaleshwara Vaastu on home design. [It’s Author Sri Kaleshwar, declares that once fully operative in one’s home & property up to 80% of all of one’s Karma may be resolved… A MASSIVE BOON.]

Karmic Diseases:

For those with Negative Personal Karmic issues, Alcoholism, Carcinoma & Melanoma is the worst possible health outcome.
For those with Negative Ancestral Karmic issues, RHS Kidney weaknesses presenting symptoms as follows: Stubborn Maternal Kidney issues, Urinary, Blood pressure, Blood disorders, Anemia’s, Stress issues, Worriers, Mental Illness, Brain anomalies, Adrenal, etc.
There is a long list of illness patterns we’ve identified that are caused by different forms of Karma. Please email us regarding this topic if you wish to learn more.

Fortunately, relief from karmic ill-effects may be found!

Through which ever way Negative Karma in ones life has manifest our Frankincense & Myrrh Incense helps to alleviate the burden of its challenges & ill-effects. As the smoke from a burning stick of these Frankincense & Myrrh wafts over the body the subtle bodies store of negative karma clears. The subtle anatomy feeds into the nervous system, alleviating the most immediate expressions of negative karma such as tension & stress. Whilst burning a stick pain can quickly disappear.

Suggested Dose:

Directions: For best clearing effects, every evening, light then blow out the resin end of only one stick so it smoulders & smokes. Place the smouldering stick next to your body (at a safe distance, ideally in an incense stick holder) whilst sitting, laying down or standing until the entire stick has turned to ash. For heavy karma sit or stand close to the stick so its smoke wafts over the entire body. The clearing effect is often felt instantly. Breathing the smoke is not necessary and should be avoided for asthma sufferers.

Those who are undergoing the Rife Plasma BX &/or Mental Protocols may increase incense use as healing takes place and unresolved negative karma releases for clearing. Learn more about Rife Plasma Therapy here >

You should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product.
If you have any questions regarding this product please email or call our Clinic on +61 1300 742 583 B/H for qualified advice.

Caution: Contraindicated for emphysema sufferers, infants, toddlers, pregnancy, those allergic to ingredients. Discontinue use immediately if smoke triggers Asthma attacks. Only burn sticks over fire proof surfaces (ideally in an incense holder) where the ash will drop and well away from objects that could potentially catch fire. Never leave lit incense sticks unattended. Butt out any incense sticks that cannot be attended.

Additional Directions: Store in a dry, cool dark place. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.


 x 20 incense sticks 
Made from: Frankincense resin & Myrrh resin coated wood sticks.
Hand rolled in India. Not tested on animals.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 15 × 23 × 2 cm