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E-Book of Life-Force


An e-book about healing your Life-Force/Prana/Chi/Ki to help build strong Relationships, but first, Clear the way!
Author: Glen F Rees BSc, N.D.

What is the Life-force?
The logarithmic ‘Prana Scale’
The Life-force & your Relationships

Life-force positive, neutral & negative foods
The Life-force diet & Recipes
Why you need to clear the way first

Ayurvedic element: Fire 
A Relationship Wellness resource

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Naturopathic. Ayurvedic. Made in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

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The book of Life becomes the e-book of Life-Force.

How a life-force, Chi or Prana rich diet helps ‘Perfect’ your energy, your health, your longevity EVEN your Relationships.

Strange? Not at all: For this power once unleashed helps perfect ALL your life, not JUST all your cells.

We initially wrote this 78 page ebook (with recipes) way back in 2006, thinking it would be the be-all-and-end-all or final word on diet.

HOWEVER whilst we still believe this to be ABSOLUTELY TRUE, you’ve gotta-clear-the-way of all cellular debris first, esp: The Earth element issues need to be resolved or resolving FOR THEN a very great deal can be enjoyed by employing this diet regime!

SPECIAL NOTE: Some folk have some quaint ideas that Life force means: Digestive or food Enzymes, the way your food is cooked OR raw food, etc.
These are all false and incorrect.
In truth, the life-force is a measure of the energetics of the structure of the water in the food we all eat.

Indeed, some food is Life-force negative, Some is Life-force Neutral AND some foods are Life-force Positive.

So The life-force is a measure of just how efficiently each of your 70 trillion cells communicate with each other.
In fact we discovered a scale or ‘Prana Scale’ which rules this phenomena which is based upon an irrational number. Which in fact is a logarithmic scale. This scale is called the ‘Natural logarithm’…. Read more within the ebook.



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