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E-Book of A.D.D. Spectrum Disorder


An e-book about the foundational cause of A.D.D. Spectrum Disorder.
Author: Glen F Rees BSc, N.D.

Identifying A.D.D. Spectrum Disorder
Mild Learning Disorders, Bipolar, Schizoid & Autism

Genetics & family lines
The influence of Anti-biotics & Cortisone
Parasite susceptibility

Childhood & Growing up
The Inventor & Entrepreneur
The ‘Farmers’ diet

Ayurvedic elements: Earth ,  Air , Fire & Water
A Cellular Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Relationship Wellness & Spiritual Wellness resource

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Naturopathic. Ayurvedic. Made in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

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Learn just what is A.D.D Spectrum Disorder’s foundational cause

– A Naturopathic and Ayurvedic perspective by Glen F Rees BSc., N.D.

Contained within this e-book are the following discussions:

  • What is A.D.D. Spectrum Disorders underlying theme of presentation
  • Why Childhood anti-biotics are often prescribed to these folk
  • Why even Childhood cortisone is prescribed to these folk
  • Why A.D.D. Spectrum folk are more susceptible to parasites
  • Why a ‘Farmers’ diet is so important for these folk
  • What to look for amongst loved ones
  • Why A.D.D. Spectrum folk often make great inventors, CEO’s & bosses
  • Why A.D.D. Spectrum folk often have tough upbringings
  • How to identify the tell-tale signs which help to easily distinguish these folk

This is a digital download e-book about the A.D.D. Spectrum Disorder.


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