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Silver Lining-Anxiety Healing drops

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These ‘Silver-lining’ drops heal by Balancing either a fast or slow paced Nervous system.

Treats Anxiety
Relieves Nervous Stress
Excellent Nervous system tonic
 Helps resolve yeast or fungal overgrowth
 Resolves epigenetic influences from the womb environment your nervous system was formed

Ayurvedic element: Air
An Environmental Wellness remedy

30mL bottle. 4 – 6 weeks supply

Recommended adjunct: Ayurvedic Whey Protein

Naturopathic preparation. Ayurvedic. Made in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
 All Natural. Vegan. Gluten free.

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Why Herbal Pharmaceutical Colloidal Silver?

In classical homeopathy, homeopathic Arg.Nit (Silver Nitrate) is a classic remedy to treat anxiety & nervous stress. Indeed other forms of homeopathic Silver also assist here.True Colloidal Silver - Gold in Colour

In like manner true Colloidal Silver has a very similar & assured Nervous system Tonic effect also, whilst at the same time, significantly easing any possible Yeast or fungal overgrowth into the Central Nervous system too.

This preparation contains TRUE Pharmaceutical grade Colloidal Silver – gold in colour. 30ppm. 

However, by adding our Prop. Sarva blend Ayurvedic spices we can balance the ‘womb’ environmental influence completely.

So it is that these ‘Silver-lining’ drops heal by Balancing either a Fast or Slow paced Nervous system. Therefore either Anxiety or Fast paced nervous system sufferers or those with a slow sanguine persona or even slow paced Nervous system with mild learning disabilities will benefit.

Normally, 1-2 courses of our Silver-Lining drops will help confer stability long term along with our Premium Ayurvedic Whey powder adjunct. 🙂

Why is Anxiety an Air Element, Environmental Wellness issue?

Simple: The bulk of the cause of Anxiety one suffers stems from the environment of the Maternal Womb or In-Utero. Surprisingly, in fact, it stems from THE MENTAL ATTITUDE of the mother to her unborn child or pregnancy affecting the PACE of neuronal innervation as the Foetus forms.
Now, before we ‘condemn’ all our wonderful mothers out there, there are a million reasons as to why the mother may hold concern for her pregnancy: Eg; Our first time Mother may have had her partner lose his job: Creating uncertainty, The Mother may have suffered a loss in her family or friends during pregnancy, There may be genetic illnesses in her family which may give rise to concern, The Mother’s house may have burnt down OR the mother was in a car accident, the Mother may have suffered an unplanned pregnancy, etc, etc.

What’s the mechanism here?

Please let me relate this understanding through the rather extreme experience of one my now 63 yo customer…Liz.

Liz's mental disability sheds light on 'Nerves'

Liz has been on a disability pension all her adult life, for you see she has an intellectual disability. Her rate of Learning ANYTHING for Liz has been a real chore so has a low IQ. Notwithstanding this, Liz is a totally caring , helpful & loyal friend to her often disabled friends. Mind you. her emotional IQ is just great 🙂 To this day Liz STILL does remote schooling for her year 7 classes AND good luck to her. So Liz came to me with chronic pain in all her limbs. Her Doctor says her feet joints have NO ‘cushioning’ at all. But were bone-on-bone. Esp her feet…. Because she cannot drive, she walks a lot. After some 8 months of treatment all her pains eased markedly. After a deep discussion one day, Liz relates that her mother broke all her limbs as a toddler. Arms, Legs, feet were broken multiple times. Any wonder she still got to 60yo in any sort of shape BUT understandably RIDDLED WITH ARTHRITIS. PLEASE SEE MORE BELOW.

What has Liz’s story have to do with the pace of the nervous system?

Some folk are born with slow paced nervous systems(Liz) whereas Some are born with fast paced Nervous systems.. So called- “Highly strung” individuals.
You’ll remember, our assertion is that the attitude/circumstances of the mother toward the pregnancy which MASSIVELY influences the pace of Nervous system of the child born.

So it is that these ‘Silver-lining’ drops heal by Balancing either a fast or slow paced Nervous system 

Liz survives

Liz's case is sooo extreme, and SAD, THAT IT SERVES BEAUTIFULLY to elucidate my point by asking you a question: With repeated abuse by the mother to the child (Liz) after birth: WHAT DO YOU THINK WAS THE ATTITUDE OF THE MOTHER TO HER CHILD? Please let me answer: T-O-X-I-C. Result. Liz was born with a pace of her nervous system to be so slow as to be over 52% sluggish

So, can we help Liz?

Yes markedly, HOWEVER at the age of 60+ her learning can improve but it will take many years for the brain to UNLEARN the old restrictions the brain has learn’t to work with all-these-years.

HOWEVER her future may have been much, much, much different if we had attempted this treatment 40 yrs ago.
A younger more ‘plastic’ Brain would have given much much greater capacity to want-to-re-learn. 🙂

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 23 × 4 × 15 cm


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