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Norse Cod Liver Oil soft gel caps

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The Best ‘Bio-available’ Cod Liver Oil capsules:

Vitamin A-2700 IU
Vitamin D3-270 IU
Omega 3s (60mg)
Tested PCB, Dioxin, Heavy metal FREE

Our Norse Cod liver oil capsules have a sustained bio-availability factor of 63% which increases the value for money spent by a factor of 5-16 fold over cheaper brands.

Ayurvedic element: Water
A Spiritual Wellness remedy

650mg x 84 soft gelatin caps. 6 – 12 weeks supply

Naturopathic preparation.
 All Natural. Gluten free.

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For over 30 years as a Naturopath we have regularly recommended Cod Liver oil to our customers. After all, any supplement which has lasted over 100+ years of regular use in the western world speaks volumes to its efficacy. However in recent years we have come to notice a very significant drop in the efficacy of most commercially available brands.

Over the past 14 years we have tested over 13 local brands of Cod liver oil as-well-as 7 international brands claiming fermented Cod liver oil, loose Cod liver oil, Norwegian Cod oil, micro-filtered cod liver oils to get around the taste test of plain old Cod liver oil, etc.
Commonly off-the-shelf, built-down-to-a-price capsules range in bio-availability from 4-13% nutrient uptake.  YES I KNOW! Your body ejects from 87-96% of the capsule nutrients due to over-processing & improper blending or sourcing of ingredients
Our Norse Cod liver oil capsules have a sustained bio-availability factor  of 63% which increases the value for money spent by a factor of 5-16 fold over the el-cheapo brands out there.

With low fat diets being recommended both professionally & even in the media these days we have prescribed Cod liver oil A LOT MORE.
Why? With the glut of low fat diets we have all become deficient in fat soluble Vitamins like Vitamin A & D3 as well as Omega fatty acids esp. the critical EPA & DHA (Omega 3s). Indeed other less critical fat soluble Vitamins such as Vitamin E & Vitamin K fall into deficiency also. Moreover, Raw Cod liver oil is just NOT available anymore mostly ‘cos for many it wont pass the taste buds taste and even though we have whittled our list down to 2-3 for maximum bio-availability we must still be vigilant because manufacturers occasionally change formulations.
Whats even more critical is our Bottom-line. For you see we may discern a nutrient as person needs & prescribe a supplement BUT if the nutrients in that supplement are poorly bio-available then our customer fails to thrive! We get the fall out by reduced repeat business & our reputation suffers. THIS MAKES BIO-AVAILABILITY a CRITICAL professional pre-requisite.

We test efficacy in terms of Bio-availability. In essence Bio-availability relates to freshness: We all know that the fresher a food or supplement may be, the more available the nutrients are to our body.

How do we test Bio-availability?

Sun-Vitamin D3We have tried many methods over these past 30+ yrs from studies on bio-availability, from tables on test tube research on websites & even the trial & error method BUT have been disappointed till now.
We utilise Kinesiology methods on a living-breathing-sentient human being by reflexes sent out from the clients own nervous system.
I know, I know- not scientific. You see, I do have a bachelor of science & do fully understand the scientific method yet the proof-is-in-the-pudding when my customers return with excellent blood tests AND massive symptomatic improvement to boot.

Vitamin D3 should be sourced from exposure of the Skin to the Sun primarily. Else it can be readily sourced from the diet in Raw fresh Milk, Greek Style Yoghurt, Most other Dairy, Walnuts,

So, Why are Vitamins A & D just so important?

Vitamin D: probably THE most common deficiency in the western World & helps protect:

  • Heart health*
  • Cell formation and cell longevity*
  • Skin health*
  • Pancreatic health*- Vit D is actually a pro-hormone helping balance insulin & all other hormones too.
  • Aging process*
  • Sleep patterns*
  • Hearing*
  • Reproductive health*
  • Athletic performance*
  • Eye health*
  • Vascular (blood vessels- Veins/Arteries) system health*
  • Respiratory health*
  • Immune health*… Most people feel in better health during the summer sunshine months — ever wonder why? Now you know!
  • Healthy mood and feelings of well-being*
  • Weight management, including carbohydrate and fat metabolism* 
  • Hair and hair follicles*
  • Strong and healthy bones, because vitamin D encourages Calcium lay-down in bones.

Vitamin A helps protect:

  • Vision from night blindness
  • Eye health inc. prevents cataracts*
  • All mucous membranes:-Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Lungs, Bowels, Urinary, Skin from infective agents be it Viral, Bacterial, Parasitic etc.
  • Health of Skin esp: Eczema, Acne & prevents UV skin damage too.
  • Prevents Asthma
  • Aging process*
  • immune system function
  • cell growth, and it works synergistically with other vitamins and minerals, including vitamins D, K2(Fermented foods), and zinc(Sea foods/Nuts/Seeds)
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Infertility
  • Mood disorders
  • Thyroid function. We have searched the globe for 5½ years for the very, very best form of the Cod Oil you now have in your hands.
    Everyone over the age of 40 should supplement these 2 critical vitamins. 🙂
  • not only for Weight loss needs but immune AND mood stability: Both enhance weight loss
  • Recommend using these for long term use at only 1 cap daily after weight goals met.

Suggested Dose:

First Bottle Dosage: Take 1 softgel capsule twice daily. Subsequent Bottle Dosage: Take 1 softgel capsule daily.
You should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product.
If you have any questions regarding this product please email or call our Clinic on +61 1300 742 583 B/H for qualified advice.

Caution: Contraindicated for infants, toddlers, pregnancy, lactation, those allergic to ingredients. 

Additional Directions: Store in a cool dark place. Keep out of reach of children.


650mg x 84 Softgel caps.
Contents: Norse Cod Liver Oil (Omega-3 – 60mg, Vit A – 2500 IU, Vit D3 – 270 IU per softgel capsule)
Tested to be free of potentially harmful levels of mercury, heavy metals, PCB’s, dioxins, etc.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm


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