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Ayurvedic Whey Protein Powder – Low Lactose Only 1.1%


Get the very best of both western-extracted whey proteins AND eastern Ayurvedic tradition with this ‘Sarva spice blend’ Ayurvedic Whey Protein powder.

 Only 1.1% lactose whey protein
Powerful weight loss adjunct
Powerful muscle builder & strengthener
 Rebuilds the body for the Elderly

Balances Cellular PH
Trace minerals added to aid the Liver in Amino acid Metabolism
Excellent for those who suffer Diabetes type I/II
Excellent for Dairy/Lactose Intolerant folk
Excellent for ADD Spectrum folk as they have higher protein need

Ayurvedic element: Earth
A Cellular Wellness remedy

500 grams. 2 weeks supply

Naturopathic. Ayurvedic. Homeopathic. Made in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
 All Natural. Gluten free.

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Custom Ayurvedic Whey Protein Powder has a Powerful & Effective Difference!

It’s a unique whey protein blend with special Ayurvedic spices that deliver the right protein, minerals, enzymes & PH balancing factors to cells, achieving above and beyond standard whey formulas.

Low Lactose:

This Ayurvedic Whey Protein Formula only 1.1% Lactose whey protein  (86% less Lactose than standard whey) providing GREAT protein benefit at 1/7th Normal Lactose whey protein levels. This is critical for those with blood sugar issues, our ADD Spectrum Disorder folk & our Lactose intolerant folk.

Resistant Starch & Blood Sugar:

Apart from the low lactose which reduces blood sugar ‘spiking’ that aggravates weight gain, new evidence has emerged supporting resistant starches can also play a major role balancing blood sugar thus reducing fatty weight gain. Dietary resistant starches can be gained from green bananas, cold roast potato, etc. Our resistant starch is a proprietary blend including our sarva blend spices further augmenting efficiency of all benefits of this formulation.

Natural Human-Growth-Hormone:

We suggest this Ayurvedic Whey Protein formula provides a 44% uptake efficiency compared to standard whey to help AMP UP YOUR very own Natural Human-Growth-Hormone output by over 40% over time.

Balancer of Cellular PH:

A high protein diet forces cells into an unhealthy acidic PH state. The body then burns up alkalising minerals such as Calcium & Magnesium to help maintain PH neutrality. Over time this forces symptoms of cramping, dental issues & joint aches & pains. The Ayurvedic Whey Protein prevents this long-term issue from happening.

Essential Amino Acids:

Updated research show that Essential Amino Acids (EAA) are crucial to maximum benefit for your cells. The 9 EAAs present in this powder are now 203% more bio-available than standard whey powders, via Ayurvedic spices. This reduces the volume required per serve.

8 Basic Essentials a Whey Protein Formula should have:

– 1 –
Whey from pasture-fed cows, NOT pesticide-treated & NOT whey from grain-fed cows

Compared to grain-fed cows, pasture-fed cows produce whey that contains an impressive amino acid and immuno-supportive nutrient profile, is rich in healthy fats – lipolic acid and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

– 2 –

Always look for and choose whey that is GMO-free.

– 3 –
Cold processed to protect the nutrients in their natural state, NOT heat processed

The majority of whey is heat processed which makes the whey acidic and nutritionally deficient which damages the immuno-supportive micro-nutrients and amino acids making whey inadequate for consumption.

– 4 –
Acid-free processing,
NOT Acid/Ion Exchange Processing

The bottom line is that Acid/Ion Exchange processing is a less healthful, cheaper process than acid-free processing which denatures amino acid profiles by using acids and chemicals to separate the whey from the fats.

– 5 –
Low in carbs, Sweetened naturally, NOT artificially

Many whey powders are artificially sweetened making them undesirable if you have sugar sensitivities, or you want to avoid putting synthetic sweeteners or flavors in your body. Many whey powders also tend not to be low in carbohydrate, contain sugar alcohols, glycerin, or gluten and some even use high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as a sweetener.