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Anti-Radon Aromatherapy

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An independently tested aromatherapy blend that reduces radon gas in a building or home and reduces cancer risk. For daily use.

Has a light citrus aroma and is made of an organic proprietary Fruit, Citrus oil & Wheatgerm oil blend.

Ayurvedic element: Air
An Environmental Wellness remedy

50mL bottle. 10 weeks supply

Naturopathic preparation. Ayurvedic. Made in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
 All Natural. Organic.

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Domestic Radon Gas Mitigation & Cancer risk

The US-E.P.A.(Environmental Protection Authority) says Radon is a Killer with over 21,000 LUNG CANCER deaths every year attributable to the inhalation of Radon Gas directly into your lungs EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

If you have found Radon in your home then get RID of that killer with haste BUT without major expense with our Radon Mitigation Essential essence drops.

After many months of trial & error independent trials have verified the efficacy of local room mitigation of this rare blend of essential organic oils including our organic proprietary Fruit, Citrus Oils & Wheatgerm oil blend.

Radon Mitigation – 10 week Supply

We recommend a min 4 hour burn per day. Ideally a 5 hour burn if possible.
You can purchase either plain unscented Candles to heat your diffuser or use plain Electric diffusers. Either way, just make sure the 10 drops of essential oil mix with water is heated THERMALLY. NOT with ultrasound or other method.Plain 4-5 hr Candles can be seen on ebay for around 11cents each OR electric THERMAL diffusers can also be seen for a once off purchase for around $15-$40 on ebay too.

To the scientifically educated viewer I ABSOLUTELY understand how incredulous this product may seem. I too have a Bachelor of Science & can fully understand your view BUT to be brutally honest, in scientific hard-nosed terms, IF-YOU-CANNOT-MEASURE-IT: IT-DOESNT-EXIST.
So my scientific one does Love, Joy, Happiness NOT EXIST???
VERY difficult to measure!!!

Dear scientist friend…. We HAVE MEASURED this ‘radon-diminshment’ with Digital electronic metering setup in homes. Many homes. This is why we can very confidently state “INDEPENDENTLY TESTED” on the label. All the banter aside, we believe this proprietary Essential oil blend may work by accelerating the radioactive decay of the 3.8 day half life of Radon Gas. So whilst we may not fully understand the mechanism, we can fully MEASURE its effect daily in these many homes.

Additional information

Weight 130. g
Dimensions 23 × 5 × 15 cm


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