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Plasma Therapy: Stubborn Weight Loss protocol 1

‘…they are already active yet do not wish to spend 4hrs per day in the Gym to lose the rest of their weight…’

Stubborn Weight

It is very well known that stubborn weight issues are both Hormonal AND Genetic…

We whole-heartedly agree!

However, the underlying mechanisms to medicine by-and-large, remain illusive. Hence our obesity glut in the western world. Further we must preface our remarks by saying that we are not talking about our Couch-potatoes either, or those who raid-the-fridge at 4 in the morning OR those who are inactive. In fact, many of my clients will remark that they eat less than their friends and yet it is our client with the weight concerns and NOT their friends. Others will say they are already active yet do not wish to spend 4hrs per day in the Gym to lose the rest of their weight either.

Resonating Organ Structures with Rife Plasma Therapy

Dr. Royal Raymond RifeWhilst Dr.Rife not only discovered stunning ways to kill off Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus’ & Parasites he may have also found ways to resonate more complex structures such as organs too (Although, so momentous was the epochal work that he never really had the time to pursue same). Once resonated said organ would become enriched with new blood allowing potent detoxification AND targeted organ healing simultaneously.

Effectively, we can ‘tune’ a given organ or organ system.

Through our own Naturopathic research over 32+ yrs we now have a more thorough understanding to helping restore underlying organ function esp. as it relates to stubborn weight loss needs.

This is our powerful approach to organ activity via this diagram, even though 1/2 of the organs shown become involved via ‘genetic means’. In truth it is ‘Epigenetic means’ in this case.

When we fine tune the organ we can switch on Sirtuin activity.
Sirtuins are proteins that can be switched on by diet, exercise or other means (Rife Therapy) thereby deactivating genes brought active by given life events such as Trauma, Shock, Chronic stress, Toxin overload, etc.

Rife Plasma Tube

Rife Plasma Tube

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Rife Plasma Therapy: Stubborn Weight Loss Protocol
Rife – Stubborn Weight Loss Protocol:
We add a powerful Liver Enzyme Amino acid powder supplement to augment your stubborn weight Loss need. Relevant Dietary advice also prescribed.

Targeted Organ Structures for Stubborn Weight:

Carotid Body*



Learning Difficulty

Learning Difficulty

The Carotid Body forms 8% of the subconscious mind. These are our ADD or ADHD folk triggered by in-Utero events(in the womb).
ADD folk (also comprises minor to Mild Autism-such as Aspergers) have Parasympathetic Nervous System Dominance through the 9th Cranial nerve pathway. At its worst slowing thyroid hormone metabolism (hence stubborn Weight) esp. if there are familial thyroid patterns & of course slowing learning capability when young, but also esp. influencing stubborn Ear, Nose, Throat, Lungs, Sinus issues too. With lung involvement a secondary bowel symptom expression also commonly occurs here. FWIW- there are at least 5 categories of ADD. Further, although learning disorders are common here, over 80% of these folk have above normal IQ.

Thymus Gland*