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How We OBJECTIFY Your Rife Plasma Therapy Treatments

Other than the deep symptomatic benefit our Rife Plasma Therapy customers have gained since its inception at our clinic in 2015, we have longed to bring some external objective science to his majestic therapy in an effort to clarify just what is going on at the cellular level.

With over 3 incredible years exploring, hands-on, our dear Dr. Rife’s legacy, we can affirm in truth that Dr. Royal Raymond Rife not only gave to humanity an incredible virus/bacteria/fungus/parasite killing machine, but also laid the groundwork to explore tissue regeneration and tissue rejuvenation.

We at Health & Eternity believe it also may be a CONSCIOUSNESS GROWTH TOOL as well! Please see our page regarding the 5 elements of Ayurveda to get a bit of background on this perspective. 
However, I digress.

Back to cells for this is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ so to speak.

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Advances in Technology

Dr. Royal Raymond RifeIt is now a century since Dr. Royal Raymond Rife produced his very first microscope in a series of 5 that he invented up until around 1940 with his fabled ‘Universal’ number 3 ‘scope’ being his most powerful. It possessed over 5200 parts with many of them movable.

Indeed this was Dr. Rife’s very very very valuable way of objectifying his work at a cellular level.

It is now some 100 years later and thankfully science is beginning to catch up to Dr. Rife’s massively energetic and near miraculous techniques.

Please allow me introduce to you

Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy analysis or BIS.

This technology is THE MOST ADVANCED on earth in breaking down:

Muscle, Fat, Fluid and Bone

to within 60 gm of their mass.

The 'Phase Angle' of Cells

How we Objectify Your Rife Plasma Therapy treatments 2

The device we use at our Health & Eternity Clinic is called a ‘SOZO’ BIS device and is CRITICAL for objectifying our general wellness customers and our Anti-ageing specialty customers by keeping a close eye on body composition.

In a strictly non-invasive way, you simply stand on the device in bare feet and hands to gather accurate data about your physiology.

Our primary interest lies in something else the SOZO device can very accurately measure called PHASE ANGLE MEASUREMENT (PA).

PA is a mathematical term derived from the arc tangent of the ratio of the cell wall reactance divided by cell resistance, expressed in degrees.

PA essentially is a broad measure or Snapshot of cellular charge AND how efficiently your cells clear toxins, nutrients, fluids, etc across cell membranes AND IS AN EFFECTIVE indicator of your cellular Biological Age.

For example a normal teenager would have a PA of some 9 1/2 degrees and a normal 60 yo would have a PA of some 5 degrees with a person near death OR seriously ill below 3.8 deg.
In BIS terms a 1 degree shift in PA represents around 10 years of living.

Why is the Phase Angle so important to us?

How we Objectify Your Rife Plasma Therapy treatments 3

Normally to change your Phase Angle by diet, exercise, supplements, nutrition it takes months to shift by just some 0.5 degrees and this would be the case for a 25 year old, but for a 50+ year old it would take twice as long.

However, when you sit in a Rife Plasma field, your cells and the cell walls are being charged.


When you sit in a Rife Plasma field we can shift your PA by a minimum of 0.5 degrees over night. Yes Ma’am – over night, if not, that day!!! Yes we have measured this too.

So, long story short, we can now independently prove at the cellular level just what a powerful, stunning, phenomenal gift to humanity our dear Dr. Rife gave humanity now nearly a century ago.

Using our objectification methods including both the SOZO device and Thermography (CRT 2000®) we now know our Rife Plasma Therapy is capable of addressing:

Healing, Regeneration & Rejuvenation.

So Dear Reader,

Do you have the courage to explore a TOTALLY NEW PARADIGM and drop the old old paradigms?

Standing on the shoulders of titans such as Dr Rife has provided just such a [NOW PROVABLE] VISTA!

Embrace it! 🙂

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