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Dr. Rife Story – Robbed of his greatness!

‘…he proved 411 times in lab rats that cancer was caused by viruses.’

‘…successfully treating 16 near death Cancer sufferers in 14 weeks’ 

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's ULTRA high powered ‘Universal Microscope’.
Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s ULTRA high powered ‘Universal Microscope’ with over 5200 parts, many of them adjustable.
Dr. Royal Raymond Rife
 Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (left)

The Cancer Cure that Worked! Book by Barry Lynes

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife:
From Barry Lynes 1987 book
‘The cancer cure that worked’

An overview by sourced from investigative Journalist: Barry Lynes.

The cause of cancer was discovered in the early 1930’s, according to historical documents. It was a virus-sized, cell wall deficient ‘bacteria’ or “particle” that induced cells to become malignant and grow into tumours. The cancer microbe was given the name ‘BX’ by Rife after labouring throughout the 1920s to construct his ULTRA high powered ‘Universal Microscope’ to clearly view it.

Repeated laboratory verification of the cause of cancer was done hundreds of times with mice in order to be absolutely certain. The scientist who made the historic discovery, Royal Raymond Rife, then worked with five of America’s most prominent physicians in order to test the cure for cancer in a well organised cancer clinical trial managed by a major Californian university’s medical school. The year of the cancer clinical trial was 1934 comprising some 16 terminally ill sufferers.

Sixteen cancer patients competently diagnosed as hopelessly terminal (Cachexia- Skin & bone) were brought by ambulance twice weekly to the cancer clinical trial location in La Jolla, California just north of San Diego. There treated with a revolutionary electro-medicine that painlessly, non-invasively & eloquently destroyed only the cancer-causing microbe or particle named BX.

After just 3 1/2 months of this science-based MEDICAL break-through therapy, all of the cancer patients were diagnosed as clinically cured.

Sufficient eye-witness statements in writing and documents by prominent scientists who measured the tumour shrinkage exist to this day.

A profound, history-making event had just occurred.

During the next 4 1/2 years, the original electronic technology was improved, tested, and used in 3 corroborating clinics in three locations—Los Angeles, Pasadena and San Diego. A steadily growing case history record of cancer cures & other terrible illnesses such as TB, Typhoid, etc resulted.

Unfortunately, one of the most successful cases was an 83-year-old man from Chicago, Illinois with a monstrous facial cancer. But after 3 mths treatment, he returned to Chicago with skin like “a new born baby’s” on his face. His friends were astonished and word of the miracle treatment quickly spread. The head of the American Medical Association (AMA)—with headquarters in Chicago—soon found out what had happened in far-away San Diego.

Agents of the AMA suddenly showed up in San Diego. An engineer employed by the Rife cohort who discovered the cause and the cure for cancer was quickly bribed. A lawyer from the AMA rapidly followed and—along with the bribe-taker—the two of them sabotaged the company that built the stunningly reliable and effective technology. Then in 1939, the AMA lawyer and the bribe-taker initiated a lawsuit in order to steal one of medicines greatest ever discoveries.
The trial lasted three months (in Pre-World-War II, June-August, 1939).

The AMA lost its criminal cynical attempt to grab ownership of the new science & Rife’s stupendous transformative medical treatment.

In order to hide its wicked act, the AMA imposed a massive suppression and censorship on both the new science and the new medicine with any Medical person threatened with de-registration should they profess ANY knowledge of Rife.

So-much-so on Nov30, 1931, 44 of America’s MOST EMINENT Doctors & Pathologists gathered in San Diego to celebrate Rife in a dinner billed as ‘THE END OF ALL DISEASE’ organised by eminent medical associate Dr Milbank Johnson at the time. Unfortunately after the nefarious 1939 court case, EVERY SINGLE one of the 44 attendees denied ever-knowing-Dr-Rife-at all!

Needless-to-say, Countless Millions of people with cancer suffered and died in over 80 yrs now because of the American Medical Association’s monstrous deed and crime against humanity.

Evidence now exists to prove the accusations set forth here. The evidence includes eye witness reports, court transcripts, an article describing the new science in the Smithsonian Institute, published micro-photographs, and other historical details.

Many 21st century, modem day, educated professionals are aware of the facts just summarised.
This includes editors at major magazines and newspapers, an investigative TV producer at a major television network, book publishers, literary agents, etc. Unfortunately, this world class story apparently terrifies them. They run from it. They dare not be the one who breaks the story in the mainstream media despite the insurmountable documentation and factual evidence available.
They apparently fear for their own personal careers & lives, thus choose to play it safe, as in 1939.

However, there is a deep moral principle that is being thwarted by such career-based, self-censoring behaviour combined with fear. Facts are facts.
Someday the whole, awful truth will emerge into a glaring public spotlight. Once a major breakthrough in science occurs, its replication and further development is assured.

America/The world is not likely to forget or condone such outrageous, self-serving behaviour by its supposed professional watchdogs. Hiding the truth and participating in a cover-up of this magnitude resembles the New York Times editor sadly admitting that his newspaper missed clear evidence of the Nazi Holocaust! And now, something of equal atrocity stains the pages of history.

Barry Lynes, Author of ‘The cancer cure that worked’ 1987,
‘Rife’s world of electromedicine’ 2009, Investigative journalist.
Website –

Comment: It is opinion that given the sheer volume of stunning evidence supporting Rife’s work in the 1930’s that:

    NORTH-AMERICAN SCIENCE RECOGNISE THAT only REGULAR ‘LIGHT-FIELD’ MICROSCOPY HOLDS ANY VALUE AT ALL. THEY DENY ‘DARK FIELD MICROSCOPY, DARK FIELD LIVE CELL ANALYSIS, etc…(However, in Europe, Dark-Field Microscopy is widely recognised.) Some Modern critics of Rife state that virus sized objects cannot be seen by ordinary light microscopes. This is true BUT Rife never used white light alone. He used a heterodyne technique to blend various frequencies of the visible light spectrum to achieve the ‘electron microscope’-type wavelengths needed to view same.SUCH WAS RIFE’s SHEER & UTTER POLYMATH BRILLIANCE THAT WHEREVER HE TROD HE WAS CONTINUALLY MAKING BREAKTHROUGHS all-the-time. From his manufacture of a 2700HP speedboat engine to hold a freshwater record for over 60 yrs, to saving a tycoon’s business (Henry TIMKIN)  from quality-control issues failure by installing an XRAY device over Timkins Foundry steel output, to building microphotograph technology, to building from scratch his 5 Super scopes. etc, etc, etc.Not to mention his Lieutenant Commander position in the US Navel reserve during World war 1, to being a multi-instrumentalist playing Guitar, Piano & French Horn… Phew!!!IT IS SAID: THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL-NOT SEE!
  2. Barry Lynes is best known for having rescued the incredible discoveries of Royal R. Rife from historical loss and oblivion. Rife developed a cure for cancer and many other diseases in the 1930s. These were documented extensively and verified by clinical trials and authenticated by respected researchers, well-known scientists, and leading physicians from the Mayo Clinic Minnesota, North Western University outside Chicago, the University of Southern California Medical School, the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research in San Francisco, and Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, leading cancer authorities at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and various other medical institutions.
  3. It is Health and Eternity’s opinion that Royal Raymond Rife should have been awarded AT LEAST 5 Nobel prizes:

3 in Medicine for Bacteriology, Microscopy, Virology (His amazing microscope)

1 in Physics for the embryonic science of Plasma physics.(His plasma tubes)

1 as a Nobel Peace-prize laureate for services to Humanity.(His gift to Mankind)

Addressing the Rife Technology Credentials Question:

You will find scores of websites purporting to offer information on Rife Machines.

PLEASE do NOT be misled.

Whilst his story is totally unique unfortunately many have misused his name mostly out of ignorance of what he actually did.
The maker of our Rife Plasma Therapy device holds patents on his machine AND has reverse-engineered recently found old-surviving-machines, often found in attics, to try & stay as-true-as-possible to Rife himself AND his enormous gift to mankind over around 90 yrs ago.
So the Real Royal Raymond Rife’s work is NOT the weird Radionics, is NOT a weak current (Our device uses over 150watts of energy per session), is NOT just frequencies alone BUT actually generates a Pulsed Electromagnetic Plasma Energy Field capable of shattering simple Viruses OR resonating way more complex structures such as biological cells to facilitate detoxification, bringing fresh blood to these cells AND thus facilitate cellular healing.


the Health And Eternity team.

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