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Importance of Bio-availability: Regarding Supplements & Remedies2020-04-23T17:13:00+10:00

The importance of Bio-availability:
Regarding Supplements & Remedies

Ayurvedic Cognitive Decline & Super Learning capsules

Ayurvedic Cognitive Decline & Super Learning capsules of plasma-activated parsley and cloves

What is Bio-availability?

In essence, Bio-availability relates to freshness:
The fresher a food or supplement is, the more available its nutrients are to our body.

How do we test Bio-availability?

We test EFFICACY in terms of Bio-availability.

We have tried many methods over these past 30+ yrs from studies on bio-availability, from tables on test tube research on websites & even the trial & error method BUT have been disappointed until now.
We utilise Kinesiology methods on a living-breathing-sentient human being by reflexes sent out from the clients own nervous system.
I know, I know – not scientific! You see, I do have a bachelor of science & do fully understand the scientific method yet the proof-is-in-the-pudding when my customers return with excellent blood tests AND massive symptomatic improvement to boot. Our objectification methods of Bio-electrical Impedance Spectroscopy analysis & Contact Regulation Thermography (CRT2000®) help objectify efficacy also.

Why we Practitioners must ensure maximum Bio-availability

Simply, Bio-availability factors into our bottom-line. For you see, we may discern a nutrient as person needs & prescribe a supplement BUT if the nutrients in that supplement are poorly bio-available then our customer fails to thrive!

We get the fall out by reduced repeat business & our reputation suffers. THIS MAKES BIO-AVAILABILITY a CRITICAL professional pre-requisite.

An example of a dilemma: Cod-Liver Oil Bio-availability

In recent years we have come to notice a very significant drop in the efficacy of most commercially available Cod-Liver Oil brands.

Moreover, Raw Cod liver oil is just NOT available anymore mostly because for many it won’t pass the taste buds test and even though we have whittled our list down to 2-3 for maximum bio-availability we must still be vigilant because manufacturers occasionally change formulations.

Over the past 14 years, we have tested over 13 local brands of Cod liver oil as-well-as 7 international brands claiming fermented Cod liver oil, loose Cod liver oil, Norwegian Cod oil, micro-filtered cod liver oils to get around the taste test of plain old Cod liver oil, etc.

Commonly off-the-shelf, built-down-to-a-price capsules range in bio-availability from 4-13% nutrient uptake.

Yes, I know! Your body ejects from 87-96% of the capsule nutrients due to over-processing & improper blending or sourcing of ingredients.

Norse Cod-Liver Oil gel capsules

Our search helped us discover our current Norse Cod liver oil capsules which have a sustained bio-availability factor of 63% which increases the value for money spent by a factor of 5-16 fold over the el-cheapo brands out there.

See our Norse Cod-Liver Oil capsules available as a stand-alone product
Or you can find it as part of our Anti-Viral Immune System Boost pack.

Our Remedies & Supplements

Finally, we maintain strict vigilance with all our remedies & supplements and we are constantly testing their efficacy.
All herbs & spices used in our remedies are fresh & organic and are tested accordingly so you the customer can be confident of the highest efficacy and bio-availability.

Warmest regards,

Glen F Rees B.Sc., N.D.
Health and Eternity Clinic