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Thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Glen F Rees BSc, N.D. I have been a full-time hands on Naturopath in country Victoria, Australia since 1986, practicing a unique brand of Ayurvedic herbal medicine, Kinesiology(Muscle testing), Naturopathy, Nutrition, Remedial massage therapy AND since May 2015 Rife Plasma Therapy.

As you may note, I have a science background BUT have come to find that as wonderful as science may be, it ‘falls-down’ HEAVILY in areas where machines find it nigh impossible to navigate in MANY MANY critically important areas of life.

Ask your average ‘hard-nosed’ scientist a very simple question:

Does he love his wife? (Or does she love her partner?).
Assuredly they will say; “Yes, of course, I do! What sort of question is that?”
Well then ask them another related question by saying: “Well then, How do you know you love your wife?”
They’ll quibble about, squirm a little & then attempt an answer by saying; “Well, I love my wife because she’s hot, is great looking, got nice eyes, etc”
Then say; “Well you simply described her physicality… C’mon, How do you actually know you love your wife?”
Then they’ll look at you quizzically, perplexed and hopefully summon-up all their honesty & say “I don’t really know why. I just do!”
Then I would say to my uncomfortable scientist; “May I put it to you that you actually DONT consciously know why you love your wife. BUT YOU STILL DO, of course, you do!”

So, then I would say: “Can you catch Love & put it in A BOTTLE?

Can you weigh it?
Can you smell it?
Can you touch it?
Your scientist friend would then begrudgingly say; “Of course you cannot!”
Then I would say; “Well, if you cannot measure Love on a machine; Then does it exist?
Again, begrudgingly your Scientist would say: “Of course it does!!”
I then would explain that as great as science may be it falls-down markedly in ‘critical’ areas which simply drives the great gamut of human existence that it cannot directly measure such as Love, Mindfulness, Joy, Hope, Faith, Charity, Peace, etc. For these are those things which help make life rich and rewarding. And these are also the things that can strongly influence ones Well-being.

Honoring Ayurveda: The ancient Medicine of India

About Us 2

In light of the above, we now point here to the mysterious Alchemy of Ayurveda and the principles behind the production of Ayurvedic healing remedies.

Ayurveda is the study of life as a sacred science encompassing 5 Foundational elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water & all-encompassing Space).

With our Naturopathic practise, experience & observation of our customers over the last 30+ years we can say without a doubt that Ayurveda has great merit.

The principles of Ayurveda maintain that when specific weight ratios of certain herb, spice &/or food ingredients (all having their own unique property) are combined they can liberate profound & deep healing effects. Achieving a remedying potential also depends on the method, manner & timing the ingredients are blended & activated.

The possible combinations are endless and therefore we are presented with the challenge of finding effective remedying combinations. 

However the 6000-year rich heritage & legacy of Ayurvedic sacred knowledge of life and practice helps us greatly in narrowing down & honing in on the most efficacious spice/herb/food combinations for healing remedies. Many of the tried and true remedies we have successfully deciphered and are very confident of their safety & efficacy are now made available for purchase on this site.
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We Hero Homeopathy!

About Us 3

We offer Homeopathic remedies, understanding the effect that structured water (from which homeopathy is derived) has on wellness.

Unfortunately, the argument against homeopathy is that any healing benefit gained is attributed to the placebo effect.
Yet today many practising veterinarians effectively treat animals with homeopathy. We understand the animal would not know they are given a remedy at all. A placebo effect would therefore not be possible.

Scientific studies on homeopathy fail to acknowledge the energetic intent of the homeopathic producer that water structure is influenced by. However, nanoparticle research may reveal a new perspective on the underlying efficacy of water molecule structures. This is called Bio-active water structure.

We make available specifically tailored traditional Homeopathy in our practice only if/when indicated for our customers in consultation as the best course of action.
We also offer remedies for sale in both our clinics that effectively combine traditional Homeopathy with Ayurvedic & Naturopathic remedies.
You may find some of our tried and true homeopathic remedies available for purchase on this site.

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Finally a word about our dear Dr.Royal Raymond Rife