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Welcome! Health and Eternity is a Naturopathic Wellness clinic which services all folk from infant to elderly especially those who present with stubborn, potentially life threatening conditions, those that don’t respond well to the orthodox medical model, are put into the ‘too hard basket’ or those who are just looking for safe, effective, alternative healing methods.

We attempt to offer as much information about our remedies and therapies on this site as possible.

Should you wish to learn more please free call us on +61 1300 742 583 B/H. You may also book an appointment with us on this number or click below.

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Hi!  My name is Glen F Rees BSc, N.D. I have been a full-time hands on Naturopath in country Victoria, Australia since 1986 practicing a unique brand of Ayurvedic herbal medicine, Kinesiology (Muscle testing), Naturopathic Nutrition, Remedial Massage Therapy, CRT 2000® Thermography, AND in 2015 Rife Plasma Therapy.
As of 2018 we can now prove Rife Plasma Therapy treatment at a cellular level with Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy (BIS) analysis.

Glens view on wellness & the force of life