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Building the Human life force, the Natural logarithm AND the 'Prana Scale'
[We acknowledge & honour the terms of Chi, Ki or Vital force as very workable terms to describe what
we in the west call 'Life force'. However we defer to the Oldest practising workable model of wellness
still in use today, at least 6000 yrs old term from Ayurveda, called Prana to describe this very same
phenomena. We more especially honour India's
'Science of life' called Ayurveda.
Further we name the various intervals or 'Points' on this scale as 'Prana Points' in their Honour.]

We have discovered the human body uses a scale to determine just where the degree OR
level life force resides in your cells as follows:
High Prana = ↑Life-force = ↑Vitality = ↑immunity =Balanced Weight = ↑memory = enjuvenation?
Low Prana = ↓Life-force = ↓Vitality = ↓immunity = Unbalanced Wt = ↓memory = ageing.

To appreciate this concept further we've discovered that the body uses something
we call a 'Prana scale' to distinguish the degree of immune/life force capacity as
The Human 'Prana-Scale'
Death-Decay-Disorder-Disease-Degeneration <> Life/Order/Regeneration/Enjuvenation
-7-6 -5 -4 -3 -2 - 1 0 +1+2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7

Life/Death as most know it exists in this Grey/aqua area whereas medically identifiable Chronic
disease begins around a minus 4 & beyond.
In practice we have discovered that the average human sees good health between a zero & a plus 1.
At best what this means is one's health is STABLE. Indeed the very absolute best your Doctor can
offer you with a Drug-based medication approach is a Zero.

This Prana/Life-force scale is actually a logarithmic one.
Unless you're a mathematician, most of us are only familiar with another logarithmic
scale called the 'Richter scale' scientists use to grade earth quake intensity.
Eg: A quake with a magnitude 6 is 10x greater than a magnitude 5 quake & is 100x
greater than a 4 magnitude, & is 1000x greater than a 3, etc. The multiplier existing
on this scale is a 10. Or expressed mathematically, a logarithm to the base 10.
In fact, the Prana scale is called the
'natural logarithm' to the base 'e' which is observed in
Nature. This is why it's called the Natural logarithm.
Note: 'e' is just a number, an irrational number- like PI or even Phi for that matter,
repeating without end.
Scientists especially use this scale to accurately describe the rates of growth & decay
in Nature and the rates of cooling in objects/bodies. The multiplier for each of these
Prana scale numbers is approx. 3 or 2.718...(To be more exact).

Comment: Is it any wonder that the human body uses the same scale which nature
herself uses? Not at all!
Why? Because Man is ALSO a part of Nature too!.. Entirely reasonable I suggest!
Likewise -on this 'Prana scale' a:
• Zero = Health stability. The forces of Chaos/Disorder & Order are equal. This is the very
best possible outcome Drugs/M.D's can offer.
We have observed most experience what they perceive as good health between 0-1:
simply a lack of disorder- that is all.
• +1 represents an immunity/order approx. 3x greater than a '0' scale reading.
• +2 " " " " approx. 7x greater than a '0' scale reading.
Healing ensues to a +3. Above this, the model suggests ageing ill-effects should slow
markedly or cease with the life-force.
• +3 represents an immunity/order approx. 20x stronger than a '0' scale reading
• +4 represents an immunity/order approx. 55x stronger than a '0' scale reading.
Enjuvenation we suggest may occur more strongly at 5. Represents Extreme order.
• +5 " " " / " approx. 150x > '0' scale reading
• +6 " " " / " approx. 400x > '0' scale reading.
• +7 " " " / " approx. 1008x> '0' scale reading.

OR to put it another way, a person near Death has a life force of nearly minus 7 therefore
to get his/her life force up to a Zero would mean a cellular communication (Life force) of
being 1008 times more efficient or capable.

We lifted this text from chapter 9 of my Prana ebook(on sale ONLY to those who have
successfully 'cleared the way') & have pondered this Scale intently ever since our 2005
discovery & wish to note one VERY PROFOUND observation.
If we accept this scale, WE DO -for when you read our Prana ebook after you've got your
own life force upto over 3.5 Prana points (Unemcumbered by blockages) you'll read just how
we've 'proved' it's truth- then we can share the following perspective:
If Zero Prana points (Pps) is equivalent to the forces of Dis-order & Order being equal & that
we accept that as we go into the negative realms then cellular death is it's ultimate goal AND
that we accept that 'time' takes us all into these MINUS Pps realms in-the-first-place then let
me ask you a question? "How do we describe the process when we actually build life force
OR GO-AGAINST-TIME? Are we getting Older younger or Younger Older? Suggest the latter!



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