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Life Force healing Philosophy

Life-Force exposition discussion...

Some might argue: Why make this distinction? Doesn't it simply perpetuate separation amongst the cultures?
Well, if the very-force-of-life makes this distinction, then so must we respect this & work within its gammut in developing our own food-based remedies ourselves. For to ignore this would make our task nearly impossible to present a cogent effective treatment regime/s available for most humans 'under-one-roof'.
This then truly makes us at a 'worldtree' type site exhibiting 2 massive intertwined trunks of the one tree of humanity under the one all-encompassing canopy called the Tree/force-of-life.

Further, if you asked a practitioner of Chinese Medicine as to what he/she does 'all-day-long', they will say that they're trying to unblock/stimulate/sedate Chi to help the body heal itself....
Alternatively if you asked a western Natural therapist what he/she does 'all-day-long' they will say they are trying to raise/unblock the vital forces of the body to help heal itself.

Moreover, that after more than 28 years of Western Natural medicine we appreciate that the true cause of over 84% OF CHRONIC DISEASE is actually caused by Unresolved shock disturbing Yin & Yang AND/or Tridosha elements respectively depending on from which culture your recent ancestors emerge.

And so, With great respect proffered to these 2 trunks of the human force-of-life and with much humility may we now present to you our 2 prime food based preparations capable of powerfully healing unresolved shock in both Eastern AND Western folk being:

  1. For Eastern folk -We used to use Activated Asparagus Racemosus capsules- Asparagus is a great kidney yin herb which serves as our base to further help the kidneys develop both Yin & Yang throughout the cells of those of Eastern physiology ONCE this preparation is activated fully.
  2. For Non-Eastern folk -We used to use Activated Bovine Milk protein capsules-Milk is one of very few foods which Tridosha describes as having all 3 Tridosha elemets present as well as their 5 sub-principles of each, thus capable of balancing all 15 aspects of non-Eastern physiology ONCE this preparation is avtivated fully.
  3. A WORD ON OUR TRIDOSHA TRIUMPH OIL'[Pictured amongst all the packages below]
    Very gratefuly we have been blessed to have developed this natural blend of Olive Oil, Wheatgerm oil, Coconut oil & essential oils to exhibit its amazing capacity to temporarily BALANCE ALL 3 central planks of the Ayurvedic tridosha elements being AIR, FIRE and WATER.
    We have discovered that, if even temporary, when these 3 elements come to balance that massively improved cellular oxygenation ensues. THIS STUNNING property then accelerates healing of almost any ill-health condition thus much more certain outcomes ensue. FURTHER, when these 3 elements come into balance we have ALSO found this amazing
    Tridosha balancing Oil actually triggers uptake of all fat soluble vitamins A, Vit D, Vit E & Vit K. Also AND-VERY-IMPORTANTLY, all the essential Omega fatty acids -INCLUDING- the critical Omega 6 fatty acid of CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid.
    Our research into CLA confirms that this Fatty acid is a PRIMARY Difference in terms of the ill-effect of SHOCK and CLA deficits which will inevitably ensue to those of Western-extraction AND which DOES NOT tend to occur in those of Eastern extraction.
    Indeed this CLA difference AND the plethora of Suplhur 'Indol' containing Cruciferae vegetables consumed by those of the east AND the high incidence of Penicillin & Cortisone exposures in those of the West, quadrupley explain the lack of Obesity, Menopausal & Sleep apnoea issues those of the East do not tend to manifest when compared to those of us in Western Cultures.  

Finally, upon navigating our site, you will see various potentially 'derogatory' references to commonly prescribed Western Medications known as Penicillins (A specific type of Antibiotic) & Cortisones (Very POWERFUL Anti-Inflammatory).
First, let it be known that we hold Doctors in great esteem for their learning & in truth, MOST of them are there to serve Humanity, to help relieve suffering AND largely with a pure intent for the best outcomes for their clients.
UNFORTUNATELY sooo hamstrung are Doctors by their modalities & drug companies from whence they prescribe AND so fearful of retribution from their peers if they do ANYTHING outside the NORM that once you are diagnosed with illness 'X', you will be prescribed drug 'Y' AND if drug Y is either a Cortisone derivative OR a Penicillin based drug OR Both (Shudder) then so-be-it.
Further Doctors are generally as so time poor that they do NOT have time to study longterm outcomes from their prescriptions, so simply move on.
HOWEVER many would disagree with my statements on Penicillin & Cortisone... Indeed, I agree, these drugs have help save millions upon millions of lives in terms of short term outcomes. A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y- almost 100% true. 

So how can I dare question these drugs?
After over 28 years of Natural medicine, we must take a stand & state this fact: IF A DRUG can save-a-life then surely that VERY SAME drug can take-a-life if repeatedly prescribed haphazardly, even flagrantly as they are often prescribed today. Indeed you can even get penicillin from either your local gullible Veterinarian OR for-heaven-sake, over the 'net' from an animal supply store allegedly for your sick-goldfish!!! (I haven't even really mentioned those drugs found in our food chains). Further, in Australia, Cortisone based creams/hayfever inhalants can be obtained OTC (Over-the-Counter) at your local pharmacy, WITHOUT prescription.

Therefore as a group we commiserate with Doctors HOWEVER the very force-of-life withstands NO fear or FAVOR.  IT SIMPLY STANDS FOR WHAT IT IS...Truth!
Accordingly we ALSO hold the Life-force blow torch up to the Supplement Nutrient research groups
 & IN-TERMS-OF-THE-LIFE-FORCE itself suggest that longterm use of man-made antioxidants CAN NEVER deliver what they promise...In fact MOST of these supplements will act to destroy the Force-of-life itself. Stunned, AMAZED! So were we till we really understood the underlying mechanism.

So to put it in another way; Chi or Life-force stands for anything which is either RESONANT with its needs OR simply that which is dissonant OR that which is neutral to its needs, AND SO IT IS with a true life force diet: There are foods which are resonant, dissonant OR neutral to its needs AND so too are there Medications resonant or dissonant or Neutral to the Prana's/Chi's or Life force needs.
Accordingly (Whilst we are sure there are other prescribed drugs dissonant with the life force) by design WE must 'paint-with-broad-strokes' on this site & help identify those things MOST DISSONANT to the force-of-life AND that which is MOST WIDELY available to the bu



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