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To live disease-free - Unblock Chi, Prana or Life force!
A simple concept at first, but not so simple unless you know just where the blocks lie!



In truth, this disease-free concept of unblocking Chi, Ki, Prana or Life force is almost as old as
modern man himself BUT lies at the VERY CORE of Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine,
Naturopathic medicine, etc.

After over 28 yrs of Natural medicine therapy & research, these are the 13 issues which will serve to Destroy/Block or subvert the life force from its role in trying to 'perfect' you:

  1. Hole in the heart: Click here

  • Learning issues, sleep issues, Rib/spinal abnormalities, circulation

  • Migraines, Learning issues (See full list 36 symptoms)

  • Addiction sufferers stem from a combination of

  • OVER-dominant Head-mind

  • Loss Of Consciousness Event caused in birth/prebirth creating Hypothalamus weakness problems & autoimmune deficits

  • A hole-IN-THE-HEART situation at birth hence an capacity for stress-to-assail-them

  • Parasite infestation in the gut.

  • Chronic stress issues- Practice Meditation, Yoga &/or Tai Chi daily-ALTHOUGH decades of constant general stress CAN kill just through simple adrenal exhaustion. Your lifestyle may well need adjustment if it is work related.

    Eat your food in a Calm relaxed manner & environment. Until you have 'cleared-the-way' to be ready for a true life force positive diet, meantime your body will do well on a Satiety diet.

  1. DepressionDNA or Lack-of-Joy-DNA:Depressions-Low or Nil libido-Poor memory of childhood events-Eating disorders- Low Birth weight

    *Deep seated Emotions- Normally just interferes with rather than destroys or subvert the Life force UNLESS you take physical steps to do Self-harm OR the trauma which elicits this occurred in childhood. (HOWEVER internalising Hate, Guilt, and Fear can & will eventually destroy you).

  2. Autoimmune diseases:

  • Triggers: A list of known TOXINS-Chemical, Parasites, sugar, Environmental pollution, excess Alcohol OR Tobacco, narcotics, fluoride, chlorine, etc, etc.

  • Causes: See all 3 issues from childhood

  1. Triple-Dosha issues:

    When all 3 elements Air/Fire/Water are out of balance simultaneously.
    Ayurveda describes these folk as 'incurables'.
    Although Ayurvedic Medicine recognises this issue- THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT CAUSES IT... We have identified it as a Maternal Genetic trait expressing itself in cellular Mitochondrial defects which in our estimation represents some 3-4% of Humanity. Click here

  2. Unresolved Shock:
    Without Loss of Consciousness: Mainly interferes with gut absorption & moods.

    WITH Loss of consciousness: Interferes with gut absorption & moods mostly BUT each time a loss-of-consciousness event (LOCE) occurs it destroys Hypothalamus control over ALL bodily cells- Potentially very VERY Deadly & brings with it a real sense-of-loss-of-control throughout one's physiology.

    H-O-W-E-V-E-R all shocks are NOT created EQUAL. Why?
    Not only does it depend on the severity of said shock at any given time but more especially it depends at what time of life one suffers it!... Please let me enlarge
    As of September 2007 we identified this Unresolved shock issue and pinned down it's ill-effects as seen further below BUT AS OF SEPTEMBER 2011 a much deeper, much more potentially deadly ill-effect of shock was identified- UNRESOLVED Childhood (Before the ages of 8-10yrs) Shock!
    Why do we distinguish this particular 'time-of-life' shock?
    Because of the thymus gland which sits above & partially on-top-of the human heart!
    Why the Thymus?
    Because it ALONE (at-this-child-age) all Mental, Emotional AND Cellular levels acts as a filter, allowing over 90% of experiences, to let pass-in-to-it's gamut influences which literally shape recognition of SELF on all these 3 levels of being for-the-rest-of-one's-life!!
    Why is this important?
    As Medical Psyche researchers know, over 90% of how we see ourselves AND how we fit into our world around us occurs BEFORE the age 8-10 yrs.
    Why is this important?
    Because the genesis of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE itself STEMS-FROM-THIS-AGE via the THYMUS gland's influence playing it's part in establishing Self/Not self parameters!!!! For the THYMUS gland's control in recognising self & not self lies at the CORE OF AUTOIMMUNITY. Please click here for more information.

  3. Hypothalamus weakness from Loss-of-consciousness events. (See '4' above)

  4. Cortisone issues: Accelerates aging AND disrupts collagen pathways.

    Cortisone accelerates the aging process by accelerating fibrosis laydown effectively 'choking-off' cells from blood/oxygen thus creating artificial oxygen debt hence more inflammation & thus more long-term pain. Further Cortisone disrupts collagen pathways thus interfering with the structural integrity of the bones, joints, etc.

  5. Penicillin issues:

    Penicillin ill-effects: Erodes the cellular Life force of the gut. Many many Antibiotics also induce most Allergies, Asthma, etc AND elicit/trigger many autoimmune diseases. Note: Once you resolve any autoimmune dis-ease tendencies then Antibiotic ill-effects will resolve automatically. Click here

  6. ADD / ADHD: Yes folks its genetic. DNA Can be a Life force block BUT by-far the most common cause of the ill-effect of Genetic expression is Un-resolved SHOCK esp. early life Shock (See point 1 above) anyway.
    Further, A.D.D/ADHD.-Not a disease but simply a 'normal' trait being expressed thru ill-effects of your ancestors having suffered Radiation sickness from ill-effects of 'Nuclear' or Asteroid 'fall-out' radiation. Afflicts approx 7-9% of humanity. We have found all these folk are very susceptible to gut parasites & the worst infections & allergies as children/adults.

  7. STUBBORN OBESITY- You rarely see an obese 80 year old & NEVER ever ever see an overweight 90 year old. This is tough because stubbornly obese folk are almost always of the A.D.D ilk & almost always suffer PFO issues OR even DepressionDNA. BUT also have suffered the ill-effect of LOCEs WITH hypothalamus weakness, Cortisones & Penicillins in their youth therefore have advanced Fibrosis/oxygen debt of cells. Unfortunately approx. ½ of these good folk also tend to be triple Dosha folk too & cruelly are ticking-time bombs...
    We sympathise strongly with these good folk because this ALSO runs in my family lines too! BUT know that to freely attempt life long benefits of a Life Force diet your weight should be within 4-5% of ideal.

  8. Fibrosis(Scarring) causes oxygen debt

    (Also called Adhesions or Scarring) A Physical Barrier to oxygenation of cells thus can destroy the life force formed by the ill-effects of Chronic inflammation of cells THUS creating the ill-effects of Ageing & oxygen debt diseases/inflammations. In August 2008 Australian Medical researchers made a series of MAJOR public statements saying 'up to 45% of chronic disease is either caused by OR complicated from Fibrosis'. We estimate this figure is VERY conservative. Our life force clearing pak resolves these patterns.

  9. Radiation ill-effects: Man made / Natural

    RADIATION: We strongly suggest you Effectively Clear your local environment of all known radiation sources -Click here:

    Man-made- Xray, Nuclear Radiation, Communication Towers, (These can Kill if exposed over many years), JetFlight (Cosmic Rays), Airport Scanners, Mobile Phones, Microwave Ovens/, Wifi, Bluetooth, Computer screens(Interferes with rather than destroys or subvert Life force)

    Natural- Solar UV, Lunar. (Interferes with rather than destroys or subvert the Life force)-Unless UV damage often leads to Melanoma Skin Cancer.

    1. Geopathic (Earth generated)-

    2. Earth Magnetic Grid Lines-

    3. Curry Grid (Interferes with rather than destroys the Life force).

    4. Hartman Grid (Interferes with rather than destroys the Life force).

    5. Benker Grid: Causes advanced inflammation of cells THUS creating major Oxygen debt THUS creating the ill-effects of Aging therefore destroys Life force.

    6. 400 metre grid: Causes advanced inflammation of cells THUS creating major Oxygen debt THUS creating the ill-effects of Aging therefore destroys Life force.

    Subterranean Energies: Ore Body beneath bed/home (Interferes with rather than destroys or subvert the Life force), Subterranean water flows beneath your Bed (Interferes with rather than destroys or subvert the Life force), Land slip or Fault-line under your home esp. where you sleep (Interferes with rather than destroys or subvert the Life force).

    As far as Natural sources of Radiation: You must take steps here to resolve these possible complications yourself by 1. Moving your bed at least two metres(7 feet) from where you are now (OR sleep in another non-affected room) 2. If you cannot tell if you're being affected, please consider the purchase of an item called a geoclense unit or its equivalent to plugin your power outlet. Be careful here because there are some 'fakes' out there. [Remember, I've spent 28 years researching ALL THESE-AREAS so the products you find endorsed on this site are almost 'bulletproof' in their actions when used as prescribed].
    To protect your whole home you should not have to spend in excess of $250. Personally I know the guy who makes the Geoclense & it simply works. You may know someone in your locality who also makes quality products. If so use them.

  10. Dental issues: Root Canals, Amalgam fillings, Plates, dead/dying teeth.
    Dental issues:

    Root Canals- Can kill. -some forms of Brain cancers esp. Glioblastoma -From German research.

    Amalgams- Can Kill. -Breast/mouth cancers, Leukaemia, Thyroid diseases, Lymphomas, Anaphylaxis, etc.

    Dental plates (Interferes with rather than destroys or subvert the Life force) & creates local inflammations in mouth, sinuses, ears & gums.

  11. Foreign bodies: surgical Implants, Root Canals, Joint replacements, etc. (Interferes with rather than destroys or subvert the Life force, UNLESS the object is becoming septic THUS a source of chronic infection). Therefore monitoring here should suffice although Root canals can be deadly..

FURTHER, Whilst significant Deficiencies, Lack of breast-feeding & Spinal mis-alignments are important to resolve they actually only inhibit or Stymie the life force rather than serve to destroy or subvert it.

However, once having: cleared-the-way, the Path-to-perfection lies thus:

  1. Clear the way & adopt satisfaction-type diet. See all 15 points below
  2. Go thru 2-3 courses of Life force clearing pack to resolve toxins, fibrosis or scarring &
    Antiaging work-Clears 8 out of the 15 points list below. Will lift your life force up to 3.0
    -3.5 Prana points
  3. Having cleared all known Vitality blocks, now Adopt life force diet (See ebook on the site)
    to take your life force up to 5 or 5.1 Prana points. During this time (Regeneration mode from
    3.5 to 5.0) your body will dump ALL REMAINING toxins be they virus, bacteria, fungus,
    chemical OR EVEN emotional toxins for-that-matter. NOTE: You can ONLY go above 3.5
    prana points WITHOUT ISSUES during regeneration mode PROVIDING your weight is
    within 5% of ideal. Else it represents another autoimmune-type block has NOT been
    resolved AND YOUR LIFE FORCE WILL 'SNIFF-IT-OUT' & give symptoms of it.
  4. Continue your life force diet AND then use our 5 element cream to then perfect even your
    DNA. By this time LIFE becomes an effortless JOY to live in, by & through.



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