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How to control weight

Some 'pre-Life force diet guidelines' without having to do walking for weight loss for weight control OR even to just eat fruit & vegetables for weight control: So adopt our 'satisfaction food list' as a simple easy-to-follow plan for the rest-of-your-life until you wish to try 'Perfecting yourself' on a life-force positive diet... Once you've cleared-the-way.

After 28+ years in Natural medicine, we have used many many dietary regimes including all sorts of supplements, strange dietary ingredients, fat, Protein & Carb combinations, etc. BUT few seem to aid long-term weight benefit AND stability. However we HAVE DISCOVERED that special diets WILL only WORK LONG-TERM if-the-diet-helps-the-individual-feel-satisfied. HENCE THE SATIETY INDEX we have found below! (See A.D.D info' in blue below/over).

Granted this diet outline below is NOT necessarily a life force diet BUT it is low in fat AND high in protein, fibre & fluid. However ticking-these-boxes can ONLY be a good thing for most of your general health needs.


Your SATIETY INDEX foods (Best are high in PROTEIN(1st), 2nd fibre, 3rd water or all to satisfy folk.)- NOTE: In this three fold Satisfaction equation, Protein alone tends to represent 60% of the 'Satisfaction' weight. (excuse the pun)

*fatty foods/junk foodstuffs do not come up high on the satiety index list at all* See yellow highlighted foods & discussion below.

Boiled Potatoes 323 Only 2% Protein though BUT OK in water & Fibre.-
Fish- 225: Steamed or grilled thick white fish is the best for satiety. Up to 25% protein
Lamb -205 : -30% protein.
Porridge- 209: Good protein and fibre.11% protein-Ask for 'REAL OATMEAL' at Health Shop
Oranges- 202: High fluid content, almost twice as filling as bananas for the same amount of calories, and lower in glycemic index. High water & fibre but Only 1% protein though.
Apples- 197: High water and fibre content. 0% protein
Whole meal pasta- 188: 3x more fibre than white pasta and starchy carbohydrates. 6% Protein
Sardines/Anchovys/Herring -182
Beef -176
40% protein
Beans- 168: Great source of protein and fibre. upto 20% protein. Canned or fresh OK
Fresh Grapes 162 <1% protein
Whole meal bread 157 -12% protein
Popcorn- 154: Very filling though Fibre but very low in protein. Corn in all its forms tends to elicit blood insulin issues so use only occasionally- Remember insulin triggers fat cell lay-down.
Whole grain bread 154 -12% protein
All-Bran cereal 151 -11% protein
Boiled or Poached Eggs- 150: Perfect protein and filling too. 13% protein
Cheese 146 Greater than 18% protein. Small portions though please!
Bean sprouts. -142 3% protein (Lentil sprouts-11% protein) BUT very high in fluid & fibre.
White rice 138 -3% protein
Chicken 136 -Over 25% protein.
Lentils 133 -9% protein
Brown rice 132 -2% protein
Crackers 127- PLEASE consider using all-MANNER of Rice cakes & rice crackers regularly.

**NOTE: Have more Foods above this line AND have less foods BELOW this line!!**
Cookies 120
White pasta 119
Jelly beans 118
Bananas 118
Cornflakes 118
French fries 116
Muesli 100

White bread 100 – Baseline comparison food.
Ice cream 96
Dried Fruits 95
Potato Crisps 91
Yoghurt 88
Peanuts- 84: Rich source of fibre and protein, Low in water. Ticks 2 out of 3 boxes though
Doughnuts 68
Cake 65
Croissant 47.
Foods in yellow group should only be eaten occasionally except where noted.

*In general nuts & seeds, providing they are chewed well, are also very satisfying to the appetite. Esp. low salt Peanuts, Macadamia & Coconut. -High in fibre & protein too.
*Soup (Satiety index) varies a lot: But you can bet a high boiled potato soup will help satiety markedly.

How to Interpret this Index:
Boiled Potato (323) is over 3x more satisfying than White bread(100) therefore less calories are eaten whilst easily Maintaining/reducing weight WITHOUT undue exercise needed.

Avoid Hunger Foods or NON-Satiety foodstuffs as much as possible.

Stay away from high glycemic foods including the following: -all refined carbohydrates, sugars, added fructose products, baked goods, candies and sugary beverages. Added Fructose in particular has shown to cause leptin resistance, lipid disorders, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Studies reveal that the muscle rejects fructose as an energy source and the liver has limited capacity to utilize it; Excess fructose is converted into blood and body fats.
But nothing is more damaging to your satiety than the combination of HIGH SUGAR & HIGH FAT!!!

This dietary combo packs on empty calories, causes insulin and leptin resistance and shatters your food satisfaction along with your whole metabolic system. In fact, it has been found that this high sugar-high fat 'combo' causes insulin and leptin resistance even prior to any change in body composition. These include cookies, cakes, ice creams and chocolates, all of which set you up for serious metabolic setbacks associated with insulin and leptin resistance which may include excess estrogen, excess cortisol, low testosterone, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and increased belly fat.



Protein Combinations are also great.

Combinations of casein proteins and berries, eggs and beans or meats and nuts have unmatched muscle nourishing properties. Furthermore, being satiety oriented, these food combinations promote the right hormonal environment for muscle rejuvenation and build-up.

10 possible 'high Satisfaction' SERVING SUGGESTIONS:

  1. Porridge/real-oatmeal with blueberries

  2. A piece of grilled fish with boiled potatoes or mash and some garden peas.

  3. A jacket potato with coleslaw & bean salad

  4. A fruit salad made from fresh grapes, apples, pear and oranges with blueberries

  5.  A jacket potato with cottage cheese, pineapple & salad

  6. Baked beans on rye-bread toast sprinkled with some grated cheese

  7. Poached eggs on rye bread toast

  8. Low fat minced beef balls with potato, peas and carrots: Slice a potato thinly and shallow fry them

  9. White rice boiled with peas, beans & chicken

  10. Lentil/Mung-Bean sprouts & peanut butter rice crackers

    A very important word on Fruits & Veges to help maintain weight for the LONG-TERM
    Snack on mostly Oranges, Apples or your preferred low salt Nuts/seeds through the day if needed.

However, very recent research shows that 2 of the MAIN HORMONES which further regulate appetite are Insulin & Leptin- With leptin produced from Fat cells themselves but which has THE MOST powerful effect on appetite.

However Leptin is EXTREMELY sensitive to all Fruit/Vegetable sourced sugars called 'Fructose'. Therefore limit fruits per day to help suppress fat laydown in cells by reducing Leptin release in general no more than:
2 Passionfruit, ¼ cantaloupe, 2 Kiwi fruit, 1 pineapple slice,
2 prune-2 dates-1 Nectarine-1 peach-3 apricots-
(Stone fruits),

1 cup of Blackberry/Strawberry/Cherry/Boysenberry mix(Berries in general) or
1 orange-1 Mandarin-

Safest VEGES per day as follows: Cabbage/Cauliflower family eg: BokChoy, Broccoli, Chinese cabbage, Brussel sprouts, Endive, Kale, Kohlrabi, Turnips as well as the Onion/Chives/Shallot/Leek family, All lettuces, Celery, Cucumbers/Zuchini Family, Avocado, Asparagus, Parsley & Spinach.

Purple highlighted Veges contain natural 'Prebiotic' substances strongly encouraging healthy bowel bacteria helping naturally suppress 'Sweet-Tooths' & preventing bowel cancers & bowel inflammations.- Include DAILY

Special NOTE for my ADD folk esp. having had Cortisones or Repeated Antibiotic use.
AVOID all grains EXCEPT Rices & occasional sourdough/pumpernickel Rye breads. Further, Avoid all grain-based alcohols eg: Whiskeys & Beers. Occasional wines are OK.

THIS directive is because of the glut of grains in our western diet AND hence the glut of Moulds which past use of Oral Penicillins (even Penicillin Moulds in breads) which accompany these foods add to all manner of immune/allergy/stress to our gut & bodies.

*Reduce Lactose foods too in general. Less dairy. Though Greek style unsugared yoghurt is OK WITH say, tinned apples in juice not syrup. HOWEVER RAW/FRESH milk is fantastic IF you can get it locally at all. If so, up to 1 cup daily for adults is good. Of course, more for kids/Teens.


As you can see by all the above that as a single food group Proteins Are THE most satisfying of foods by far. Therefore a higher protein diet WILL force the kidneys to work harder in their usual job of getting rid of excess Nitrogen. Therefore as a great-compliment to this task of sustainable weight loss BECAUSE IT-IS- CRITICAL you hydrate REALLY well. *ALSO CRITICAL to get 1 litre of water, juice, Soups, green teas, herbal teas, weak black tea per 3Okg body weight per day.-For most: 2+ litres per day all year round.


Reference Holt, S.H., Miller, J.C., Petocz, P., Farmakalidis, E. (Department of Biochemistry, University of Sydney, Australia.) "A satiety index of common foods." European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 49, September 1995, pages 675-690.   [-We have added to her initial list of findings above.]



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