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Scientifically Objectifying my work AND the Life-Force

The very great challenge which presents me in describing all-this-life-force-stuff, is to try & objectify it. Indeed many would see this as a near impossibility, for most of this 'Life force stuff' lies BEYOND medical objectivity...
Although we would remind our Medical friends by asking them- "Just where does your Life force(read Vitality) go when you have the Flu? Most would intuitively acknowledge that their Vitality-goes-down-the-drain when they are ill.

Indeed Doctors be-little Naturopathic(Alternative threapy) treatments as 'quackery' BECAUSE in medical-eyes our objectivity is poor in-the-first-place! In truth, we cannot argue with Medical science on this count.

So around 13 years ago, in early 1999, I was unfortunate enough to lose an oldest brother to Primary Brain cancer. During his illness I promised him that if he did die, he would NOT die-in-vain because I would find the truth as to just why he did die in-the-first place!!!

Sure enough by mid 1999 I was introduced to an AMAZING machine called the German CRT2000.
It was based on form of Thermography called CONTACT REGULATION THERMOGRAPHY (CRT2000)

This is NOT the old 'Picture style' or Camera Based Thermogrpahy which often yielded false positives
The CRT 2000 was a whole degree of sensitivity BEYOND any normal Naturopathic treatment OR diagnostic capabilities. Indeed Im still stunned some 13 years later as to the CRT2000 capacity's even pick up medical drug interactions too.

Why did I chose the CRT2000?
Pretty simple. It actually showed the true cause of my Brother's Brain cancer. It was his root canals.
Indeed I asked my teachers of the CRT2000 in 1999 as to if the Germans had any research as to the cause of Primary Brain cancer? Yes, my teachers informed me that the Germans were linking it to Root canal therapy.
I knew 4 years ago in 1995 he actually had 4 of his Frontal bottom teeth knocked out in an injury.
The plot thickened. Indeed in a series of revelations since I have come to the VERY firm opinion that yes the Germans were correct. Yes his root Canals were his downfall. So yes, I used it for personal reasons!

What are the REAL STRENGTHS of the CRT2000?

  • Thermography measures Body heat OR Infra red radiation. It is very well known that body heat AND Vitality(or Life force) go hand-in-hand. Indeed, the CRT2000 can measure thermal patterns to within 1/100th of a degree Celsius.
    • Accordingly the CRT2000 can
      • predict dis-ease in an organ up to 2-5 years in advance of symptoms.
      • can measure the ill-effect on an organ from Drug or medication.
      • Measure the degree of INDUCED effect on Dental causations of disease (Yes folks they are many.)
  • ALL major organs as well as the Female or Male breast can be elucidated as either Normal, Inflamed OR degenerative.
    In females we may even have to place them on 'breast watch' IF a number of signs indicate a closer needs to be observed.
  • CRT can spot 'Focus' related causes of disease. A Focus is a Local problem causing Global issues.
  • There are 1000's of Citations world wide now on Thermography in various Medical journals. What this means is that Doctors are at least in large part familiar with Thermography.
    In my instance I have setup a verbal agreement with a local Doctor with the understanding that If I refer someone to them that they will try to elucidate said offending organ via Blood tests & ULTRASOUNDS.
    Over this past decade only 3 times have I referred onward & in each time the organ was medically diagnosed as near normal. This gave great Solice to my customer & we simply progressed onward knowing said organ was simply 'energetically' ill-effected.
  • Although CRT2000 research has now been developed for nearly a 1/4 Century beginning in Germany, it has now been brought into the Internet-age with over 1,500,000 Thermographs in a Database in BC, Canada AND each time a Thermograph is performed your Thermal data is sent via the web to interogate this Database for comparison and complete interpretation printed out within seconds of submission for near instant feedback.....THIS FOLKS is HUGE!!!!
  • This whole scenario described above NOW gives us the maximum capacity to make this technology Client centered RATHER than over-run by technology or 'Gobble-de-geek' centered.


May we commend to you the CRt2000 by Eidam, British Colombia, Canada.




















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