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Allow the 4 Pillars of Wellness to ‘Perfect You’

Earth Element effects & influences

The Elements are the Foundations of all Life as we know it & contribute to the sound grounding of each element above it.


The integrity of each Element in YOU grants the integrity of your Wellness
(or your Health & Well-being).

Identify & explore the workings of the Elements in your own life
– beginning with the Earth Element –
then combine the 4 Pillars of Wellness to ‘Perfect You’

At Health and Eternity we’ve come to learn of the 4 Pillars of Wellness through the Elements and the great legacy of the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of medicine from India.

The profound yet simple truths of these discoveries demonstrate the deep importance of each of the Elements as the building blocks of YOU and your Wellness.

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The 1st Wellness
is Cellular Wellness
(Earth Element):

Cellular detox & the positive emotion of Gratefulness facilitates this Earth Wellness.

Understanding the Earth Element


The 2nd Wellness is Environmental Wellness
(Air Element):

A strong Air element & the positive emotion of Motivation heals Anxiety, Stress, Autoimmune.

Understanding the Air Element


The 3rd Wellness is Relationship Wellness
(Fire Element):

A strong relationship to your Diet and nervous system builds Courage AND strong relationships.

Understanding the Fire Element


The 4th Wellness is Spiritual Wellness (Water Element):
A strong water element is facilitated through Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Incense easing Karma to build true Creativity.

Understanding the Water Element

Grow Your Wellness – Real Solutions & Remedies
to resolve the integrity of each of the 4 Elements in You.


1. Cellular

For the healing resolution
of your Earth Element:


2. Environment Wellness

For the healing resolution
of your Air Element:


3. Relationship Wellness

For the healing resolution
of your Fire Element:


4. Spiritual Wellness

For the healing resolution
of your Water Element:

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