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Strss Relief Using Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Protection

The invisible web of electromagnetic radiation that permeates our modern world is something that our ancestors never experienced even just a few generations ago. What is now just being understood is that this heretofore unfamiliar territory can have implications to our well-being. Studies over the years have indicated that EMF (short for electromagnetic fields) can have biological effects, and prolonged exposure to them produces stress and can lead to serious health challenges. This is one reason for the increasing need for EMF protection in today’s high-tech world.

Stress Can Harm Physical and Mental Health

Most people are now familiar about the unhealthy effects of stress . Chronic stress is the response of the brain to unpleasant events for a prolonged period over which an individual perceives he or she has no control. Stress causes the endocrine system to release the hormone corsitol. Cortisol, while good in small amounts, can wreak havoc to the body and mind when there’s too much of it. Stress management is an ongoing process involving the identification of stress triggers, learning the coinciding stress symptoms that occur, and developing healthy coping skills to manage these symptoms.

Too much of anything is not good, we’ve learned. Although stress isn’t the only reason that cortisol is secreted into the bloodstream, it has been termed “the stress hormone” because it’s also secreted in higher levels during the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response to stress, and is responsible for several stress-related changes in the body. Small increases of cortisol have some positive effects, such as providing a quick burst of energy for survival reasons, heightened memory functions, lower sensitivity to pain, among others. Increased and extended cortisol levels in the bloodsstream due to chronic stress, however, can imapair cognition, create blood sugar imbalance, decrease muscle tissue, suppress thyroid function, etc.

It is clear that managing stress is crucial for survival in today’s fast-paced world. And part of that management must include protection against electromagnetic radiation. Numerous research studies have indicated that prolonged exposure to EMF has a cumulative effect and can lead to malfunctioning of the cells and, consequently, the organs. So a quick, simple and often overlooked strategy to stress management is by using EMF protection.

EMF Protection = Stress Management

So you can see why EMF protection should be part of everyone’s stress management protocol. Keep in mind that there are various technologies on the market today and you must exercise due diligence in your research for finding the right solutions for you. There are countless number of individuals all over the world whose lives have dramatically improved with the use of these devices.

We love our technology and the gadgets and devices that have made our lives easier. But technology can be a double-edged sword if we are not careful, and so we must exercise precautions just to balance things out and make sure we’re not sacrificing our health for the sake of convenience. Technology, after all, is meant to free us with more time to enjoy ourselves and pursue more meaningful aspirations.

“Modern technology Owes ecology An apology.”-Alan M. Eddison
Qlink Pendant EMF Protection Devices for Cell Phone & Wireless Radiation

Cell Phone Anti-tracking Anti-spying GPS RFID Signal Blocker Faraday Cage Bag (Cell Phone Blocker)

Cell Phone Anti-tracking Anti-spying GPS RFID Signal Blocker Faraday Cage Bag (Cell Phone Blocker)


NOTE: ONLY BLACK BORDERS IN STOCK CURRENTLY – NO CAMMO! PICTURES UPDATED SOON This is the only blocker that does not kill your battery and blocks signal. Other blockers with weak velcro seals force the phone to boost signal strength – draining battery and potentially killing your phone’s useful life (especially for phones with built-in batteries – iPhones)! Avoid getting a cheap blocker and being …

Safe Space Radiant Room

Safe Space Radiant Room


Clears ambient fields for large-area EMF protection.
The SafeSpace 1 is a groundbreaking technology designed to clear and protect your environment from detrimental electromagnetic fields and more. Our powerful SafeSpace I features a holographic grid encased behind a metal grille. The grid is permanently coded with vibrational frequencies designed interact with EMFs in your environment to create a …

Tesla Purple Plate - Round Pendant

Tesla Purple Plate – Round Pendant


The disks are available in two sizes: 1 1/2″ or 1″ diameter. The smaller disk was designed specifically for children and small pets. The larger disk is commonly worn around the neck on a chain or cord. Many computer operators around the world wear a large disk to help protect them from the growing concern over electromagnetic radiation from computer monitors….

Qlink EMF Protection Pendant - All New Design (Black)

Qlink EMF Protection Pendant – All New Design (Black)


The QLink Pendant does three important things….1. It strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress. 2. It increases your energy and enhances your mental performance, especially under pressure. 3. It strengthens your capacity to function in EMF saturated environments. (EMF is the electromagnetic field generated by electronic devices and wireless communications). Today’s worl…

Faraday Cage EMP Shield, Camouflage Border, 19 By 21

Faraday Cage EMP Shield, Camouflage Border, 19 By 21


This Faraday cage stops electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from getting in and attenuates EMF (from devices) going out – protecting your health (read at the bottom for more details on EMF). It is a small-scale version of the room-size Faraday cages – cutting costs for you to the bare minimum. It was tested at 400 mHz and reduces EMP by 60+ decibels in the appropriate frequency ranges (most sub 1 Gigahert…

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